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Staff Section

High-grade Medical ConsumablesPlease select from the following:

  1. Shenzhen Changhong Technology Co., Ltd. Official Website

    Possibly blocked in-house, but accessible from other locations domestically and internationally, this website is the main on0line presence for the CHT group.
  2. CHT Customer Relationship Management System

    Running on SugarCRM, this Customer Relationship Management System enables us to offer exceptional service to our clients. Never miss a call, forget a birthday or lose an important lead again!
  3. Sales Team E-Mail

    Our Sales Team are using Google Mail to integrate with a number of different systems. Log in here.
  4. Sales Team Calendar

    Our Sales Team are using Google Calendar to share and organise our events. Team members log in here.
  5. CHT Careers

    Find out what job positions are available at CHT at present and be sure to tell your friends and family!
  6. CHT Gallery

    High resolution images, catalogs, logos and other associated images in our new, fully searchable CHT Gallery
  7. LinkedIn

    Connect with the professional world on this super social network.

For training, log-in access and instructions on how to use any part of these systems, please consult your supervisor.

Coming next: tutorial documents, further clarification of terms and lots, lots more!

Shenzhen Changhong Technology Co., Ltd.

Address:  Westside of Jinlong Avenue, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China - 518118
地址:  中国广东省深圳市坪山新区坪山锦龙大道西侧 - 518118
T 电话:  +86 755 8978 5568
F 传真:  +86 755 8978 5598
W 网站: 
E 电邮: 
CODE:  SZ 300151
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