Is a Large Molded Plastic Pool Worth the Investment?

Mar 08, 2021

With a large molded plastic pool, space and maintenance are the issues you have not considered

A large molded plastic pool is a genuine fun card. As summer seems at the corner. However, are we up to enjoy the summer-like past with our usual outdoor activities? It seems not the case. This happens because of the rapid rise of the contagious COVID-19 pandemic across the globe.

The outdoor activities in traditional summers like outdoor surfing, beaching, and public pools look more like stressful activities. Even traveling, to the waterfalls, pond, and lake are now prohibited places for family and public gatherings. Additionally, we have been staying in homes for a whole year.

large molded plastic pool

Therefore, our backyards now look like the best source for entertainment during quarantine periods. This thereby calls you to turn your backyards into real tropical fun zones. But buying such a large inflatable pool seems a daunting task. Therefore, this guide will help you to know if this project worth investment or not.

Price Tags Comes First

Most of us are unaware of the investments or the best sources to buy the inflatable large molded plastic pool. Additionally, most people are now dreaming about having the one in their backyard. However, they think of this project as something that goes beyond their price limit.large molded plastic pool

So, is an inflatable molded pool an expensive thing? No, it isn’t the case. There are some highly affordable ways by which one can buy and install the plastic molded pool for their vicinities. All of these, depending upon the investment worth value of the money.

Furthermore, for times like such pandemic, inflatable pools are the best solution for private summer fun. This guide will further explore the kinds, pros, and cons as well as the cost of the molded plastic pools.

What Is the Large Molded Plastic Pool?

The very first thing that comes into our thoughts whilst thinking of the large molded plastic pool, is paddling pools. These pools were inflatable paddling pools that we used in our childhood. Having these in our garden and backyard had real fun. Such types of pools are still very much common products in the market.

However, the category of inflatable pools just got much bigger than usual. Even the adults in our homes can get great fun benefits using large size molded pools. The large pools are now available in the size range of 4 meters x 2.11 meters. With this size of the pool, most of the adults in our homes can easily sit and relax on summer sunny days. Additionally, in this size, an adult can easily swim.

The rise in demand and applications, the types and materials of such molded pools vary. The most bought item is the plastic pool. They are inflatable plastic pools that represent the latest version of the paddling pools. If you go up with the rising material and quality, the sophistication amongst these pools also goes up.

At the first stage comes the plastic pools with default metal frames. Some pools carry metal as well as wood as their primary frame material. However, the most widely used plastic molded pool is the vinyl pool. These are the best-used ground pools for household application. Bearing high quality and durability, the frame carries usually metal and vinyl lines that makes it safe from water leakage.

The Complete Buying Cost of Large Molded Plastic Pool

Owing to the wide variety, each variety, and kind of large molded plastic pool carries a specific price tag. There are some low-quality and less durable plastic pools that cost extremely low.

The lowest of the prices, therefore, starts from as low as $150. Also, in the lowest range, it ends at $300. However, there some high-quality, rigid, and sustainable molded plastic pools that cost much. The starting price tag of the high-quality material plastic pool with a metal frame and extended lifetime period is $500.large molded plastic pool

Eventually, the highest possible price limit by which the high-quality and durable plastic pool goes reaches $2000. This nevertheless all depends upon the size as well as the extended quality of the pool. But there is one disadvantage. It doesn’t even matter which quality and how expensive the plastic pool you are using. Ultimately, within a few years, you have to replace them all. The replacement becomes unnecessary if the user is very careful about the usage.

Let us come to the highest quality large molded plastic pool. This pool as we have mentioned is the vinyl plastic pool. The manufacturers build these tools according to high standards. For this reason, hence, such pools bear high prices as well. The starting prices of these vinyl plastic pool is as low as $10,000.

This price necessitates the decency of the pool. All the vinyl pools coming under this category are ground-level pools. However, install the pool on the ground, costs at least $25000. The maintenance and the repairing cost of the vinyl pool lie outside this expense. There, moreover are filtration systems and pertinent chemicals for cleaning the plastic pools. You, therefore, need to keep this expense as well in mind.

Safety Questions for Plastic Molded Pools

We often tend to grant the safety factors for the large molded plastic pool. This is because they lie above the surface. Nonetheless, there are some legislation and regulation that each pool must meet. There are standard legislations regarding the pools as per your territory. These are applicable for your pool that carries a minimum depth of 300mm.  The standard regulation comes the same for a regular underground pool.

Additionally, a plastic molded pool must carry a high fence that makes it safe for the water to keep inside. The height of the fence should be 1.2 meters. The legislation also calls for self-closing and self-latching pool doors.

One more thing that comes in the safety standards is the non-climbable zone. This regulation warns the guardian or adults to makes sure there must not be any object that represents a climbable zone. The minimum height of the climbable zones is regulated in the legislation as 900mm. therefore, any large object or furniture should be wiped out of the area.

Advantages and Disadvantages 


The foremost pro that appears whilst considering the large molded plastic pool is affordability. This factor makes the plastic pool worth your investment. Therefore, having a personal backyard pool at a low cost is the perfect way to enjoy hot summers.


Another important and feasible factor is the convenience of using the molded plastic pools. These pools are available on market and online with a complete package. This package includes a plastic pool as well as a filtration pump along it. Furthermore, installing the pump in the backyard isn’t such a task. You just need to put the pool together in a fair manner. You can also take the pump along with you where ever you are going.

Less Durable

Nevertheless, these plastic pools are less durable. Therefore, a user must be careful enough to whilst using them. Careful usage will bring enough life and reliability to the pool. This is because even the metal-framed plastic pool lasts a few summers.

Low Strength

Even the vinyl pools that are expensive hardly last a few years. They are not very well renowned for their reliability and ultimate strength. This is the reason that most of the vinyl pools come with a repair kit to prolong their lives.

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