For Changhong Technology and the design, development, and production of high-precision molds and plastics parts, a standard DFM report happens when we first review a part that we deem more complex than normal, or that might benefit from adjustments in design from the work of a Design team to the R&D team table, where thoughts and ideas turn into physical reality.

A Changhong Technology DFM report usually takes around 72 hours to produce and comprises 2 parts:

1. Requirements Gathering

Part Detail Part Type Part Detail Accessory Detail
Part Number / Part Name:
Raw Material of the Part:
Shrinkage of the plastic material:
The color of the port:
The finishing of the part:
The thickest wall:
The thinnest wall:
Part dimention:
Cosmetic: Yes / NO
Functional: Yes / NO
Cavity Steel / Core Steel:
Mold base steel:
A/B plate steel:
The clamping force of the injection machine (Machine Tonnage):
Injection Gate:
Molding Cycle:
Runner Weight:
Part Weight:
Mold Size:
Mold Base: Standard ( Such as LKM ) / Customize
Sprue / Nozzle: CHT Standard / Custom-ize
Hydraulic Cylinders: Yes / No
Hot Runner: Yes / No
Guide Bush: Standard / Custom
Others: Standard / Customize

2. Mold & Part Analysis

Thickness Analysis — determine the thickness Of the wall according to the fluidity Of the material to avoid shrinkage or unfilled;

Draft Analysis - determine a part line, add some draft to make demolding easily;

3D Structure Analysis - To see if there is an undercut that would be removed; To simplify the structure if it is necessary. To determine the mold structure according to the 3D structure of the mold. In one word, to make the part demolding successfully and be available for mass production; Including:

  • If a lift is needed. If yes, please display the 3D dynamic effect;
  • If the slide is needed. If it is, show the direction of the slide;
  • If there is any other accessories need;

Mold Flow Analysis - to determine the injection gate, including gate type, gate number, and gate location; To determine cool system - the layout and the diameter of cool water runner;

The Layout of the Mold - shows the layout of the mold, the 2D drawing of the mold.


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