Operate Legally, Profit Responsibly, Benefit Society.

From our inception, our mission has been clear, concise, and as all-encompassing as ourselves. Often asked why our mission isn't 'to be the best mold maker' or 'best plastic injection company' or 'best medical consumables provider', the answer is simple: because we are already all that and more, and will continue to evolve in whatever direction our hearts and minds, as well as the demands of our clients, wish us to go. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we will always do so in good legal standing, with the primary inward-facing business goal to profit reasonably and the outward-facing desire to benefit those around us and within our scope of influence, be they our own employees, families, friends, associates and our surrounding society.

Good Legal Standing

We aim to maintain our excellent record of good legal standing, learning from any disputes that may arise along our journey, and growing with experience.

Good Financial Standing

We buck industry trends with our sheer size and power, making us cashflow rich and therefore able to honor debts, as well as offer favorable credit terms to qualified customers. It is with this sound financial backing that we look to the future with plans of further group expansion and more chances to embark on large-scale projects with Clients who wish to change the World.


We are expanding into new markets and into new territories. With new sales & marketing efforts, heavy investment in both talent and new machinery as well as further investment in training and educating our staff, we expect to continue to be considered the best in the next 100 years.

As new technology emerges, we strive to be at the front of the curve, investing wherever possible to bring the best of the best to our clients. As client requirements continue to go up and the expected price continues to go down, we know that only by continual improvement can we remain an attractive solution for our Worldwide customer-base.

So far we have excelled in the Automotive, Medical, and Office Automation markets. This year we are expanding our market share in the Cosmetics (plastics) and daily consumables industries (such as airlines and hospitality industries).