Anti-bribery, Anti-corruption and Anti-unfair competition acts policies

CHT fully agrees and promises to abide by fair and legal business practices around the world. In order to promote all employees, managers and business partners of the Company to regulate their own behavior, the anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy has established a common value and ethics. This value and ethical standard refers to the behavior that each of us should abide by when conducting business in the name of the company.

    The principle of zero tolerance for bribery, corruption and unfair competition

1、Always committed to conducting business activities with the highest ethical standards around the world, and consciously regulate their own behavior.

2、Bribery and corruption are harmful to society and hinder economic development. CHT will not tolerate bribery and corruption in any form. CHT has a policy of zero tolerance for any behavior that violates this policy. In order to ensure that CHT abides by the policy of zero tolerance of bribery and corruption in its global business operations, senior managers are responsible for issuing and disseminating anti-bribery measures to all employees and business partners of the Company; This includes consequences and penalties for violating the Company's anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies. The payment prohibited by the recipient's request or the employee's failure to realize that his/her transaction or other activities are illegal or in violation of this policy is unacceptable.

3、“"Corruption" refers to bribery, extortion, fraud, deception, collusion, profiting from conflicts of interest, abuse of power, corruption, influence trading, money laundering and other similar activities. We will not offer, compromise, discount, promise, give, demand or accept anything (whether valuable or cash) to induce someone to commit inappropriate, illegal, immoral or illegal behavior.

CHT will implement this policy and commit to below promises:

  • We will not offer, compromise, discount, promise, give, ask for, or accept bribes or other improper benefits (including inappropriate gifts and entertainment), whether directly or indirectly, to obtain or retain business, or to obtain any other improper conflict of interest benefits.
  • We do not provide or demand inappropriate or illegal payments to representatives, agents, government officials (regardless of level) or business partners, suppliers' employees or any other person who has business relations with the company.
  • We do not allow any business partner, distributor, consultant, agent customs declaration or business agent to make improper payment in the name of the company.
  • We do not promise, provide or authorize any payment or improper gift to any government official, political party, party official or political candidate (hereinafter collectively referred to as "government official").
  • We only pay or repay legal service payments of agents or third parties.
  • We continue to monitor the "red flag" of potential violations of policies by our consultants, customs agents, freight forwarders, distributors, suppliers, business agents or third parties representing and intermediaries. We operate openly and transparently throughout the business process.

     Anti-corruption hotline

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3.Report by letter

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