ISO Certified since 2006, we are a company driven by quality assurance and quality control. Visitors to our facilities constantly comment on the transparency of our quality systems and how visual our dedication to quality is. Passed ISO90001, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO45001, IATF16949, 3C, UL and other certifications.

The below information is the tip of our quality iceberg - a mere glimpse at the endless hours we painstakingly pour into getting things right the first time, learning from mistakes, and continually improving to delight our long-term clients.


Our passion for quality covers the following topics:

  • International Quality Certifications
  • 5S Culture
  • Raw Material Certification
  • Inspection Equipment
  • Standard Tools
  • Training & Personnel
  • Samples
  • Our Suppliers
  • Tooling Flow
  • Molding Flow
  • Project Management

Typical QC Documents

  • Mold Tooling Schedule
  • Custom Mold Design Form
  • Custom Mold Tooling Form
  • Multi-Cavity / Core Inspection Report
  • Electrode Inspection Report
  • First Sample Inspection Report
  • Final Sample Inspection Report
  • Mold - Inspection Before Shipping
  • Heat Treatment Quality Report (LKM)
  • Certification of Material (LKM / ASSAB)
  • Certification of Mold Base (LKM)