6 Fundamental Rules for safe Plastic Molding Kit Operations

6 Fundamental Rules for safe Plastic Molding Kit Operations

Sep 12, 2021
By hqt

In all production areas of businesses, occupational safety is always a top priority. A plastic molding kit is utilized there. It is also an effective solution in optimizing production capacity.


The purpose of plastic molding kit safety compliance

Compliance with safety rules in the plastic injection industry is an indispensable condition for production activities to take place. Also, Employees and employers must also strictly comply and use plastic molding kit. Unfortunate risks occurring in the plastic injection process can lead to undesirable consequences.

An outlook on plastic molding kit

 So understanding and raising awareness for workers is necessary. Comply with safety rules in the plastic injection industry for the following purposes:

1-Creating a safe working environment for employees:

 Enterprises need to regularly organize training on occupational safety for management and production departments.

2-Help the machine operation process take place safely:

 It helps production activities take place smoothly without affecting productivity and product quality.

3-Improve labor productivity:

Human factors and machines are always the top concern in the development of plastic injection companies. Compliance with safety rules is the basis for improving labor productivity.

Learn about safety rules in plastic molding kit

Safety rules in the plastic molding kit are reflected in 3 main aspects: safety rules for the production environment, operation of plastic injection equipment and safety rules for machine maintenance.

Significance for safety rules

Safety rules for the production environment are a top concern, especially important in the safety rules in the plastic injection industry. Employees are always interested and want to have a working environment that is capable of long-term commitment but still ensures health. 

Safety rules for production environment

A production environment in the plastic injection industry is considered safe when the following factors are met:

  • First, scientific, orderly, clean

The factory environment needs to be arranged scientifically and neatly, removing items that are no longer usable and can be dangerous in the production process. Similarly, plastic molding kit is to be common well.

  • Equip fire protection system according to regulations.

This is a mandatory element in occupational safety, ensuring timely response, without adverse consequences when incidents occur.

  • Moreover, strictly follow the regulations on wearing protective clothing in the production area.
  • Persons with no relevant authority are not allowed to access the production area.
  • Similarly, manufacturing factories need to have safety signs and slogans conveying the message "Work safety first".
  • The working environment needs to be provided with adequate light, avoid direct sunlight,
  • Furthermore, clean the workshop, arrange tools neatly after finishing work.

Rules for the safe operation of plastic injection equipment in plastic molding kit


The rules for plastic molding kit operation are mandatory for workers involved in operating machinery, engineers, and technicians operating plastic injection machines. I have the qualifications, skills and experience to operate the plastic injection machine correctly.

Grasp the troubles of the plastic injection machine that can occur. Only stand the machine, perform machine operations in the conditions of physical and mental health guaranteed, do not use stimulants. And wear protective gear in accordance with the company's regulations based on the principles of safety.

Measures for plastic molding kit

Simplicity, neatness of plastic molding kit does not arbitrarily remove protective equipment during machine operation. Always be present at the operating location of the plastic injection machine when the machine is not operating stably ensuring a safe distance between people and the machine.

Do not leave the machine's range when the equipment is not stable. On the other hand, keep a reasonable distance when the machine is operating. Moreover, be careful when removing the plastic product from the mold and adding plastic material to the container.

Safety rules in the maintenance and maintenance of plastic molding kit

Machines of plastic molding are tools of the production process and may arise problems during operation or require regular maintenance to keep machines running smoothly. Therefore, safety rules in the plastic injection industry include safety rules during machine maintenance, including:

The operator needs to have knowledge and expertise in repairing, maintaining, and maintaining plastic injection machines. Additionally, maintenance and servicing activities need to be carried out regularly and periodically to ensure the best operating state for the plastic injection machine.

Why plastic molding kit gets defective?

If it is discovered that the injection molding product is defective due to the plastic injection machine, it is necessary to stop the export snar operation to promptly fix it, to avoid causing serious consequences. Pay attention to monitoring, performing regular maintenance of plastic injection molds.

Designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds

Designing and manufacturing of plastic molding kit is a job that requires a highly qualified and experienced production unit. Plastic injection mold design is an extremely important step in the entire mold manufacturing process. More importantly, in this article, we will learn about the design and manufacture of high-quality plastic injection molds in China.

Stages of plastic molding kit

Plastic molding kit design stages include:

1. Evaluation of manufacturability and feasibility

In the early stages of a plastic injection mold design project, a team of design, production, and assembly engineers will work together to define product specifications, components, materials, mold functions, methods to limit errors. Furthermore, these may arise and make necessary improvements on the product.

During this stage, we should give special attention to analyzing potential problems in the shape and tolerances of plastic injection molds to minimize the occurrence of undesirable conditions. Lastly, it is necessary to select mold materials and calculate cooling parameters

Requirements for plastic injection molding

 In addition, the research team for plastic molding kit will evaluate the mold flow to select the most suitable injection port type and port location, as well as determine the appropriate exhaust location. Apart from this, plastic injection mold manufacturers also need to develop a process of analyzing and assessing possible risks in production.

2. Design on software for plastic molding kit

Preliminary 2D and 3D design models build to define the mold faces and steel dimensions.

3. Pin final design specifications

The design specifications of the molded parts are the key to building the finished product on the design software. In addition, strict final adjustments and revisions require prior to implementation to meet manufacturability and critical requirements.

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DIY Guide for molding plastic at home in 2021: 3 Simple Steps

DIY Guide for molding plastic at home in 2021: 3 Simple Steps

Sep 12, 2021
By hqt

Three factors influencing molding plastic at home

We can say that three main factors directly influence the quality of the molding plastic at home: the mold, the material (raw material), and the process. We'll talk about them in this article. Also, get to know some points of attention that are needed during the injection process


1-Molding plastic at home

The plastic injection molding machine is easy to influence by items such as distribution channels, cold wells, and temperature uniformity. Composed of steel, the mold tool can contain mobile or stationary plates, which define the shape of the produced part.

 The final material is then pushed out of the mold via ejector pins. A coolant (usually water) passes through the material to remove some of the heat and prevent overheating. For molding plastic at home not to impair the proper functioning of the mold, it is important to consider the following items:

Distribution channels of molding plastic at home:

These are responsible for transferring the molten material from the nozzle to the cavity inlets. 

Cold well in molding plastic at home: 

It serves to absorb the colder flow in front of the material. The machinery is usually composed of a primary cold well and a secondary one. See below for an example of a cold well distribution channel. This links to molding plastic at home

  1. it is also necessary to be aware and check for stains on the piece.
  2. Second, when it happens, part of the cold material goes towards it. 
  3. Above all, if there are no stains, this content will go directly to the cold well.

Temperature uniformity in molding plastic at home:


It is in the mold that the final part is created; that is, it is necessary to pay attention to quality throughout the injection process. The temperature has a great influence in this sense, as it can interfere with the part's finishing, internal tensions, dimensional stability.

Other items of attention regarding the mold common in the injection:

  • Internal pressure sensors: can be common in the mold to control the variables of the plastic injection process.
  • Design review: it is important that it is validated with the departments involved before releasing the mold for construction. It should be considered:
    • First, product geometry and exit angles
    • Second, distribution channels / hot runner
    • Third, the temperature control system of molding plastic at home
    • Moreover, the mechanical reliability of moving parts
    • Above all, define the preventive maintenance plan.

How can you ensure molding plastic at home protection?

Mold protection is worth mentioning that all injection molding machines include mold protection from the oldest to the newest. When done properly, it helps to ensure efficient injection of thermoplastics. 

It basically requires the operator to check the position of the mold and adjust its pressure and speed.  reduced.

2. Raw material common in plastic injection

Initially, it is necessary to carry out a previous and detailed study of the thermoplastic resin to be common, according to what you want to obtain as a final product. In molding plastic at home remember that each resin belongs to a family, which in turn counts certain amounts of grades.

3. Process of molding plastic at home

First, it is important to know that the drying time of the molded material directly affects its final strength. Thus, once the ideal drying time is respected, the greater the resistance of the piece. Another highlight of molding plastic at home is the temperature and pressure common in the injection process. 

Each step requires a certain temperature to work well. As we can see, the higher the temperature, the more there is contraction and degradation of the material. Likewise, the holding pressure influences the filling and burr creation of the parts. Pay attention to the ideal balance for safe, quality plastic injection.

Variables in molding plastic at home

As you can see, there are many more variables involved in the injection process than mold and raw material/material variables. Therefore, it is necessary to be extra careful with the process to guarantee the quality and performance of the final product.

In addition to drying time and material temperature, pay attention to mold temperature control, rework after injection. Apart from these in molding plastic, temperature control and cavity filling, in the case of molds with hot runners, also link.

What are the characteristics of the best molding plastic at home

A good, molded part requires basic principles such as knowledge of the physical properties and processing characteristics of the material, in addition to adjusting the equipment at the appropriate temperatures for the cylinder and mold.

For example

A fast-cycle part calls for lower temperatures, especially in the mold.

Considerations for molding plastic

Listed ahead are 4 considerations for molding plastic at home

1-Dosage profile

To achieve greater precision in the positioning of the spindle and repeatability in the metering volume, it is generally advisable to adjust the metering profile with higher initial speeds. This number decreases as the cylinder is loaded and during cooling to increase cylinder life and prevent raw material degradation.

2-Back pressure

It is also necessary to control the backpressure, which allows for greater homogenization and gas elimination. Its poor management can lead to degradation, breakage of the molecular chain, detachment of fibers, or even a reduction in the useful life of the cylinders.


Generally, molding plastic at home's pressure must be scaled down. In this way, when the injected solidifies, internal tensions avoid. However, this must come with caution because sudden drops before the gate freezes can cause the material to return to the cylinder, which causes material reorientation.

4-Plastic injection safety

Good results also involve the safety of plastic injection molding operators. Therefore, it is important that your company is aware of and adequate to the security requirements.

Final considerations on molding plastic at home

By being careful with all these variables of molding plastic at home (involving a plastic injection process), it is possible to achieve excellent results in the parts produced. In this sense, the search for knowledge, constant updating, and security are essential points that make the difference in positioning your company in the market.

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What is injection vacuum molding plastic process for beginners?

What is injection vacuum molding plastic process for beginners?

Sep 12, 2021
By hqt

Also called "plastic injection", injection vacuum molding plastic is a process for using thermoplastic materials to create different types of parts. This is a manufacturing technique increasingly common in industrial firms. It will therefore be useful if you want to launch your industrial project. Here are a few advantages.


Mass production of complex vacuum molding plastic parts

The first advantage of injection molding is to promote the large-scale production   of difficult-to-design parts. In fact, plastic injection is a high-precision process which makes it possible to reproduce very complex parts by pressing the plastic into the mold. This process makes it possible to generate any type of shape.

The technique of plastic injection molding is also suitable for vacuum molding plastic. In fact, it is a rapid production technique that allows a high completion rate to be achieved in record time. However, note that the production speed depends on the complexity and size of the part to be reproduced.

The manufacture of resistant, qualitative and ecological parts

Injection molding meets the need for product longevity which increasingly characterizes the industrial sector. Indeed, in order to manufacture more durable parts, metals are increasingly replaced by thermoplastic materials, common in plastic injection method. This makes it possible to create pieces that are both light and resistant.

Also, note that injection molding can produce parts with dimensional accuracy that no other process can achieve. The use of vacuum molding plastic makes it possible to obtain this accuracy of measurements which is essential in the final assembly of the parts. The surface of the parts also benefits from this high dimensional precision to give the desired look and feel.

Use of injection molding

Besides, the use of injection molding as a production technique has an ecological advantage. Indeed, this technique helps to limit the production of plastic waste, given the small amount of material common. Finally, with plastic injection, waste is easy to recycle, which considerably reduces environmental pollution, a problem that is still worrying in the industrial sector.

Great freedom of design and the best economical choice

By promoting the use of various types of plastics, the vacuum molding plastic technique has a great advantage of flexibility and therefore freedom in the design of parts. Thus, the choice and the adjustment of the appropriate materials favor the production of perfect parts.

Also, be aware that the injection molding method has several economic advantages. First, this technique allows companies to save both manufacturing costs and labor costs. We explain this by the fact that the same materials are easy to recycle and common several times and also by the use of robotization of production.

Vacuum molding plastic Trends

1 – Sustainability
Currently, sustainability and conscientious actions that aim to preserve the environment are being inserted in different segments, since the future of the planet depends on responsible actions taken today. The vacuum molding plastic market is no different: the main objective is to reduce the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere and reduce waste and debris that go to landfills.


Sustainable actions go beyond just a good logistical speech, but directly affect, in a positive way, the environment and the health of living beings. There are even specialists who offer sustainable solutions efficiently, such as: the replacement of non-recyclable materials with recyclable options.

This innovation will have as its main focus:

Ø Recycling: 

Improper disposal of plastics considerably harms the environment. This proposal allows the production of all materials through the injection of plastic, allowing it to be 100% recyclable.

Ø Biodegradation: 

The inclusion of biodegradable materials, such as bioplastics, is already a reality; the trend is that in the year 2021 this alternative will increase.

Ø Bioplastics: 

The bio plastics use renewable biomass in its composition products, enabling its decomposition does not harm the environment. We estimate that vacuum molding plastic will grow on average 20% next year. Packaging develops with raw materials such as sugar cane and cassava.

2 – Technology
Plastic injection molding is not something new in this market, but the increase in production still brings great benefits to this segment. Through it, it is possible for the pieces to gain more value and become more accessible. Currently, technological trends have offered significant changes in this sector; the insertion of automation software allows for a safe analysis of the plastic flow.

The year 2020 comes by changes in the way of buying, selling and producing. With social isolation, companies and consumers discovered that it was possible to continue producing and buying. Technologies were great allies in this period, and the trend is for them to remain in the year 2021. It is noteworthy that the focus on sustainable vacuum molding plastic will still be a priority. 

3 – Projections for the future
If you've come this far, you could understand that the projections point to significant changes in different sectors. The plastic molding market is no different. Conscious actions aimed at developing green technologies are already a reality.

 Studies and research claim that these actions will increase. On the other hand, the use of disposable plastics that harm the environment will be reduced.

How to control the pressure in vacuum molding plastic?

The shrinkage of the Vacuum molding plastic is related to the specific volume. As the pressure in the cavity increases, the specific volume decreases. As the pressure of the plastic in the cavity increases, the effects of contraction of the part reduce.

An unbalanced mold is reflected in:

  1. Quality of the pieces
  2. Dimensional
  3. variations -Appearance and weight; between cavity and cavity

The cavity that you fill first may end with burrs and the rest of the cavities remain less.

In summary, as a good process technician you must make sure that the mold you are injecting meets a good balance. This is easy to do through fill studies and verify the variation or standard deviation does not exceed the limits allowed in injection molding.

Conclusion Vacuum Molding Plastic

Vacuum molding plastic applications that are reusable and recyclable are environmentally friendly alternatives that bring benefits to this industry.

If you believe in this change, insert these innovations into your company and look for new alternatives. A look to the future implies conscious attitudes today. Through this article, you could see how much actions like this are necessary and important for everyone.

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What are plastic t molding manufacturing steps? Easy Guide 2021

What are plastic t molding manufacturing steps? Easy Guide 2021

Sep 12, 2021
By hqt

Each plastic product has a plastic t molding, the size and texture of the mold depends on the size and shape of the product. In this article, we take a closer look at manufacturing plastic injection molds.


What is plastic t molding?

Nowadays, the concept of plastic t molding has become quite familiar to people in the mold industry, or even to those who use the product, they understand that all plastic products are molded and pressed from plastic molds.

A plastic injection mold is a component assembly consisting of many parts assembled together, where liquid plastic is injected into it and then cooled, forming the shape of the product and being pushed out of the mold.

Uses of plastic molding.

In the structure of a machine system to produce plastic products, the plastic injection mold is an extremely important device. For the plastic t molding to work effectively; create a plastic product of good quality. It must meet the standards for a standard technical structure.

Plastic t molding design

The plastic injection mold design must be up to the details of the mold including the design of the mold shell, the mold core, the mold core details, the mold components. From these detailed designs, a complete design of the mold will be formed.

The requirements of the design must provide the viewer with full details of the projection angles, sections, dimensions, tolerances, and technical requirements of each item to be manufactured. Moreover, the product (plastic t molding) design must be very beautiful

Details on t molding


The mold details include mold shell plates, mold cores, mold core details, mold components to form a set of molds. Therefore, the fabrication drawing must provide the viewer with full details of the projection angles, sections, dimensions, tolerances, and technical requirements of each item to be processed.

How to make and produce plastic molds?

To manufacture and produce a precise plastic mold according to technical standards with an accuracy of 1/100 mm, the mold must be manufactured according to the required standards. First, it is necessary to pay attention to the material that makes up the mold. 

The main material common to make the plastic t molding is different types of steel with high strength. Also has good bearing capacity when put into continuous pressing to mold plastic products. Technical experts will put steel blocks into milling, cutting into standard sized metal parts. 

Milling and trimming stage in plastic t molding

This milling and trimming stage is very important because it will process standard mold parts with high precision. Mold manufacturing always consists of 2 halves, one half has many parts and components, people punch holes at precise points on half of the steel mold.

So that, the upper bar fits exactly into the hole, keeping the 2 halves matched. together when pouring plastic. After the steel block is forming the mold, it will be put into roughening surface roughening to perform the processing step to turn the steel block into a plastic t molding.

An insight on CNC; computer-controlled machine

Another type of machine controlled from a computer called CNC will slowly grind the steel block to shape each part. This CNC machine is also responsible for making copper electrodes shaped like the plastic part that we want to produce to make micro-parts with a slide tool.

After the copper electrode has been smoothed, the electrode will be brought down to contact the machine below for electrolysis. The bottom half is the other half of the mold that is shaped and punched as described in the first step. Electric current is passed in electrode and imprinted on the die

Engraving letter on surface of plastic t molding

After the plastic t molding is finished processing, the surface of the print is still rough, it will have to do another step to polish the mold. The gloss of the mold will help to produce smooth plastic products. Currently, plastic products are often printed with labels right on the surface of the product,

 So, the mold making process will take one more step, it is necessary to engrave inverted letters in the mold cavity. After the plastic product is molded, the inverted words in the mold will become real words and float on the surface of the product.

Steel type with quality affects plastic injection mold performance

The process of creating a set of plastic t molding from design, assembly, inspection, and repair to entering the plastic injection cycle has many details. That are worked together. Attention should be paid to the selection of steel with appropriate quality.

So as not to adversely affect the performance of the plastic injection mold. Steel type and quality determine the degree of rust and wear during use and storage. Various steels can be common to make individual parts on one die such as SKD11 steel, SKD61 steel.

Considerations for plastic t molding

When choosing tool steel, it is necessary to base on the following points:

  • First, choose a steel that is resistant to corrosion and good polishing
  • Second, select the most optimal steel based on the price and quality of steel
  • Also, nitrogen treatment on steel surfaces contributes to increased hardness and surface life
  • Moreover, use electroplating to change the performance of plastic t molding (steel)
  • Above all, choose a steel type and a reputable and quality steel material supplier

Design stage affects plastic injection mold performance

Accurate idea of ​​mold shape and size is given based on 2D and 3D designs. The final plastic injection mold design is created when the preliminary design is reviewed. And approved using a construction tool. Tool design uses specifications to create molds after the final adjustment is made. 

Plastic injection mold design is based on the material properties of the product: loss rate, forming temperature and many other factors. The design of the cooling system in the plastic t molding is extremely important. It is the basis for increasing the injection molding cycle of the mold. 

Impacts of increasing temperature of plastic t molding

Speeding up the cycle will increase the temperature in the mold. The cooling system effectively controls the mold temperature as the pressing cycle increases. It avoids deformation and damage of the mold and ensuring the quality of the finished product.

Plastic injection mold processing

  1. First, optimal design increase mold working time, improve production efficiency and cut costs.
  2. Second, process affects the performance of the plastic injection mold and is directly affected
  3. Also,plastic t molding depends on the skill, experience, and care of the machine operator.
  4. Moreover, if machine operator makes even a smaller mistake; it causes great trouble
  5. Thus, it causes complete damage and not being able to repair those details

Advantage of advanced plastic t molding

A mold manufacturing unit with good expertise and experience will well limit the negative impacts on the quality of plastic molds:

  1. Firstly, rust
  2. Furthermore, mold life
  3. Lastly, breakage during injection molding processing
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5 Best Ways to take the molding plastic sheet out of the plastic mold?

5 Best Ways to take the molding plastic sheet out of the plastic mold?

Sep 12, 2021
By hqt

There are various ways to get plastic sheet molding via injection molding process. In this article we are going to discuss whether it is possible to take the product out of the molding plastic sheet manually or automatically.


Ways to take the molding plastic sheet out of the plastic mold

The process of taking the product out of the plastic mold in fact requires quite high technical requirements. Ways to remove the product from the plastic mold include:

Manually remove the product from the plastic mold

This is the most common method applied at plastic injection companies in USA. Workers will directly take the product out and then inspect and cut the bavia after completing each pressing cycle. The manual picking method offers great advantages in the case of large products where the push-pull system is difficult to use. Besides, there are still many limitations:

  • Workers when taking products out of molds need to strictly follow the principles of labor safety.
  • Mold design quality is easy to affect due to the mold taking operation performed
  • Manually removing molding plastic sheetfrom molds is time consuming and labor intensive.

Remove the product from the mold using the robotic arm

Removing the product from the mold by using a robotic arm requires high investment costs. However, this brings long-term benefits; automation greatly increases the productivity and efficiency of plastic injection.

The robot arm is pre-programmed for molding plastic sheet out of the mold quickly and accurately, the reduction of bavia is good to use via the manual method.  Each plastic injection machine comes with an automatic robotic arm; the working process is fast and extremely efficient.

Push system to take the product from the mold

The product ejection system from the mold includes the following ejection systems:

  • Using push pin: is the most common system common when designing plastic injection molds. 
  • The push system is particularly effective for large, thick-walled parts. Using push blade: commonly applied in pushing thin-walled parts, complex shapes and structures.
  • Using push tube:mainly applied with round plastic parts.
  • Moreover, using the release plate:common for cylindrical or rectangular shaped parts with thin wall thickness
  • Using compressed air:Basically, it is suitable for production of products with deep cavity.

Depending on the technical requirements, shape and size of the product, the design unit offers the most suitable and effective propulsion system.

Learn how to make plastic molds

We are a reputable unit in the field of molding plastic sheet. We are a prestigious and reliable company. Similarly, we provide the entire process and comprehensive solutions in plastic product processing. Let's learn together about how to make plastic molds in the article below.

Learn about plastic molds

All plastic products are common in daily life. Similarly, we get the parts from plastic molds. Different types of plastic products will have different mold shape and texture requirements. Moreover, a plastic mold is a tool for shaping plastic products.

Moreover, this consists of many parts that fit together. In addition, liquid plastic injects into it and then cooled, to get the required product shape and moves out from the mold.


In the entire system of operating machinery to produce plastic products, plastic molds play an extremely important role. A mold with the correct structure and specifications appears. This will help the machine system operate smoothly and efficiently for molding plastic sheet. Thereby producing good quality plastic products with beautiful designs is easy.

Learn about designing and making plastic molds

The design and manufacture of plastic molds plays an extremely important role in the entire production process of plastic products. Furthermore, this requires strict technical and professional qualifications.

Plastic mold design

The plastic injection mold design come with detailed molds such as:

  • mold shell design
  • mold core details and
  • Moreover, mold components... so it needs to implement absolutely accurate.

The design must provide the viewer with full details of each item to manufacture, such as projection angles, dimensions, cross-sections, tolerances that need to meet technical requirements...

How to make and produce plastic molds

In order to molding plastic sheet that meets technical requirements with an accuracy of up to 1/100 mm, the mold must be according to a strict process. Molding material is an extremely important factor. The main material common to make the mold is different types of steel with high strength, good bearing capacity. It is to ensure a smooth, continuous plastic injection process.

Plastic mold making is an activity that plays a prerequisite role in the production of plastic products. This is a significant determinant of product quality to consumers.

Process of molding plastic sheet

The manufactured molding plastic sheet will consist of 2 halves:

  • one half with many parts and components
  • the other half come at certain precise positions so that the upper bar fits into the hole

This helps the 2 halves to match. Together completely and form a mold shape when plastic poures.

The steel b lock that is forming the mold is then put in and carried out to remove the rough surface; this is considered an extremely necessary processing step to turn the steel block into a mold.

How CNC machine is controlled?

The CNC machine controlled from the computer will perform machining, the steel block is slowly abraded, and we will get the shape of each part. This CNC machine proceeds to create copper electrodes with the same design as the plastic parts that the business wants to produce.

After the copper electrode is polished, the electrolysis process begins, before that; the electrode has been brought down to contact the molding plastic sheet. Next, using a high-intensity electric current flowing through the copper electrode, after printing on the mold, we will get the desired shape on that half of the mold.

Why mold is polished?

After the mold is processed, the mold is polished to remove the rough surface, increase the gloss and brightness, and produce a finished, high-quality plastic mold product.

In addition, in the manufacturing process, it is necessary to carry out an additional step of reverse engraving in the mold for the purpose of printing the manufacturer's label and brand on plastic products. After the plastic product is completely molded, pushed out, we will have real and embossed text on the surface of the product. 

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What benefits you get from custom plastic injection molding?

What benefits you get from custom plastic injection molding?

Sep 12, 2021
By hqt

If you want to create a custom plastic injection molding or mold plastic parts, there are many methods to choose from, based on the characteristics and application of the part you want to produce. In this article, we will compare the differences between blow molding and injection molding.


Advantages of custom plastic injection molding

Custom plastic injection molding process is commonly common in the production of hollow, large-volume objects such as very thin, thin-walled containers, plastic bottles, etc. Blow molding has outstanding advantages compared to injection molding as follows

  1. The cost required for blow molding is lower than for injection molding
  2. The initial investment in machinery is also usually lower
  3. Similarly, the formed plastic product shape is a complete block.
  4. It can achieve a shape that custom plastic injection moldingcannot produce.

What is blow molding?

In blow molding, a plastic tube filled with air is heated and formed into a hot plastic ball (parison). A mold is clamped around, the air inside the ball will proceed to fill the shape. Blow molds have more design freedom than mold halves in injection molding, as each half mold forms its own shape.

 With blow molding, molding is considered the most important, but variables such as thinning of the mold wall, air leaks, flash and streaks must monitor. In the process of plastic production by blow molding method is always strictly controlled.

Learn about custom plastic injection molding

The actual custom plastic injection molding method requires a lot of techniques to create a detailed mold, which is the most important tool of the injection molding process. Injection molds are usually come from stainless steel or aluminum depending on the characteristics and requirements of the plastic product to be formed.

The injection molding process is the process where molten plastic material is injected into the mold cavity with great pressure, after being cooled, the mold opens for plastic products with the same shape as an injection mold.

What benefits you get from custom plastic injection molding?

  1. First and foremost, very high accuracy.
  2. Second, customplastic injection molding method is capable of meeting required requirements
  3. Ideal method in mass production of high-volume orders
  4. Moreover, it also easily changes the type of material, product color during production
  5. Plastic materials are common efficiently, the scrap rate is low
  6. In fact, plastic injection molding applies in mass production

Custom plastic injection molding and quality test


The injection mold common requires high precision, the joint between the mold halves; the material flow is strictly controlled. In the injection molding method, the plastic injection mold plays a particularly important role, determining the perfection of the formed product.

Before starting production on custom plastic injection molding, it is mandatory to conduct a test run to find out if there are defects on the product. Besides, it is necessary to check the product quality to check for durability, color accuracy, and warping on a regular basis during the production process.

Significance of custom plastic injection molding company

We are a prestigious and high-quality injection mold manufacturer. To get the best plastic mold design, we always focus on the feasibility analysis of mold parts and details. Also, carefully monitor each step in the production process to ensure that there are no defects in the design and manufacture of the mold.


In the process of analyzing and designing custom plastic injection molding, we always pay attention to the injection molding process, mold parts processing methods. If the mold design meets the technical requirements and ensures high accuracy, it will contribute to improving the efficiency of mold production.

If you detect a variation outside the limit, now the task is to discover the cause that originates it, which can be one of the following lists:

  1. Material below processing temperature.
  2. Moreover, poor homogeneity in the temperature of the melt.
  3. Geometric difference in flow and gate channels.
  4. Differences in the installation of degassing zones clogged or poorly designed vents.
  5. Similarly, bad design of the piece.
  6. Bad distributor design.
  7. Temperature differences in mold cooling.
  8. Temperature differences in the hot runner and injection points.
  9. Injection speed not adequate.


Aluminum pressures die casting 

Aluminum pressures die casting is an indispensable tool in the aluminum pressure die casting method, which is extremely popular in the industry of producing metal products with complex shapes. Furthermore, pressure die casting is a component comes from many components together.

 Let's follow the article below to learn more. Aluminum is a common input material common in manufacturing all kinds of products for industries. The machinery industry in custom plastic injection molding requires a lot of aluminum products that come by aluminum pressure casting.

Pressure aluminum die casting 

Pressure aluminum die casting is an indispensable tool in shaping required industrial machine parts and details. After pouring aluminum into the mold, the flow will solidify under the action of high or low pressure. Moreover, Aluminum is cast from a high-precision die.

It ensures that the elements do not warp, do not crack the surface, and can produce parts with a thicker thickness than pressure stamping. The higher the precision of the aluminum die casting mold, the more perfect the shape and quality of the cast aluminum product will be.

Advantages of aluminum pressure die casting mold

  • First, pressure aluminum die-casting allows the creation of products with high precision
  • Furthermore, there are wide applications of custom plastic injection moldingin industries
  • Besides, pressure die casting aluminum creates details, parts with complex structure
  • Moreover, cast a variety of aluminum materials, aluminum alloys
  • Also, reduce production costs
  • Lastly, aluminum die-casting mold has high use value, long service life

Design precision in plastic injection molding

The industries in China have been developing every day at breakneck speed. Supporting industries make a significant contribution to the promotion of that development. And, aluminum die casting industry, aluminum die casting industry belongs to the group of auxiliary industries.

The details, machine parts in the food processing, transportation are all products made do custom plastic injection molding. Moreover, ordering aluminum pressure casting products from domestic units has helped businesses reduce a lot of investment costs.

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List of ways in which we know can mold grow on plastic?

List of ways in which we know can mold grow on plastic?

Aug 14, 2021
By hqt

can mold grow on plastic
 Method of manufacturing plastic products

The method of manufacturing plastic products in the workshops is selected, considering the circulation, the complexity of the project, the characteristics of the polymer chosen by the customer as the main raw material.

3D printing: the specifics and features of the application of the technology of the future. The method is in demand in all areas of the production of plastic products. 

  • Functional printer prints

The functional printer prints layer-by-layer with polymer, recreating the outlines and shapes of the digital model loaded into the software. 

  • Advantages:
  • time spent at the preparatory stage is reduced to zero - to start production, it is enough to send the received 3D model to the printer
  • there is no need to purchase additional equipment, auxiliary equipment
  • almost any project is easy to apply - printers work with many types of polymers, ensuring identical accuracy and full compliance of workpieces with requirements
  • Flaws:


  • When printing complex products with non-standard dimensions, the process is easy to delay for many hours. It reduces the performance indicators. Can mold grow on plastic?
  • It excludes the possibility of establishing serial production of plastic structures. The resulting products have somewhat limited dimensions

Silicone injection molding:

 The simple solution for fast batch production of plastic parts; the method allows you to create from 20 to 1000 units, which refers to small-scale production. To begin with, a master model is made in the workshops.

Moreover, apart from this, there are other aspects.

Advantages can mold grow on plastic:

  • The cost of parts is low even with minimal runs
  • Flaws:
  • The plastic hardens for a long time, negatively affecting the speed and profitability of production.
  • Injection molding: no scrap, excellent performance

In our company, you can order the service of injection molding of plastics. Can mold grow on plastic? The method developed for serial production allows obtaining products with complex geometry in a short time

 The technology boils down to casting a material heated to a dense state under pressure into a mold, which exactly repeats each contour of the future workpiece.

  • Advantages:


  • rapid formation and cooling of parts indicates high productivity
  • Moreover, molds are reusable and can create an unlimited number of models
  • identity of finished goods
  • In addition, the absence of defects and defects eliminates the need for revision
  • with large circulations, it is possible to reduce the cost
  • Similarly, restrictions on the configuration and shape of plastic blanks are removed

Flaws in can mold grow on plastic:


  • Making the mold necessary for casting takes a lot of effort. Similarly, this requires considerable investment in the initial stages
  • Moreover, the start of production does not carry out immediately because the design of the mold takes weeks
  • Injection molding as technology.

When having studied the specifics of popular technologies, the clients of the professional manufacturing company will select the best method for manufacturing plastic parts.

In addition to this, the experts consider injection molding to be the most popular and affordable method of manufacturing plastic parts.

Stages of mold grow on plastic technology

The technology is reduced to see first, the stages. The heated liquid plastic injects into the prepared mold, and then the material solidifies, forming a neat, identical casting.

 Can mold grow on plastic?. Despite the apparent simplicity, the method requires expensive functional equipment, equipped workshops.

  • Where is injection molding common?

Almost any plastic product in everyday life of a modern person can process using injection molding technology without restrictions on circulation and configuration complexity. 

The method is common to produce packaging containers, housings of household appliances, toys for children, caps, and lids, starting parts for the needs of the automotive industry, construction, and architecture. Similarly, they also make cans, cups and dishes, disposable cutlery, bottles, and tanks for storing liquids.

  • Benefits at a glance

The task of responsible manufacturers is to provide every customer with a guarantee of high quality and identity of finished parts. However, can mold grow on plastic? Therefore, outdated casting in silicone molds is widely abandoned?


It gives preference to perfect technologies. These include plastic injection molding, which has the following strengths:

  • Minimum unit cost in large batches

Generally, with large-scale production, the unit cost is minimal. Furthermore, the larger the volume of the order, the lower the production price of blanks. Perfect result and the durability of metal molds are its two main aspects.

Perfect result; in this, no rework we require, even for complex products. 

 The durability of metal molds and a large selection of raw materials

Can mold grow on plastic? Before you start production, engineers create a reusable mold from durable metal, which will serve for several years.

Moreover, it will provide the ability to produce an unlimited number of polymer parts. In addition, the starting material is granules of thermoplastic elastomers.


Thermoplastics, as well as thermosetting powders perform well with a wide range of physical and mechanical properties.

 Basically, the raw materials are recyclable, environmentally friendly, and affordable.

  • Payback and Overview of technological stages

With impressive capital investments at the start of production, it is possible to recoup the costs and start increasing profits in a short time. Furthermore, unprofitable is the casting of piece lots and single copies. The technology is designed for large circulation.

Can mold grow on plastic? It involves two stages. Preparatory activities lasting from several weeks to a year include creating a volumetric model on a 3D printer, trial prototyping, design, and release of the mold. 

  • Direct injection molding at our company in the followinga sequence:
  • supply of polymer heated to viscosity under pressure with subsequent leveling.
  • Moreover, the mold cools so that the cast composition hardens
  • Similarly, opening the form, issuing a finished copy, checking compliance

Cost of can mold grow on plastic?

Maintaining loyalty in financial matters, the professional company will provide a guarantee of fair prices. .

The complexity of the product, the characteristics of the plastic part selected to create, the number of pieces in the ordered batch.

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How to choose professional plastic molding company in 2021?

How to choose professional plastic molding company in 2021?

Aug 14, 2021
By hqt

We live in a market driven by plastic molding company competitiveness. Anyone who is unable to win consumer preference and remain relevant is bound to succumb. This scenario requires full attention to every detail by managers.

Basically, today you can find a number of companies that work with plastic injection. But for your business to stand out from the competition and achieve the desired results, you must choose the best among them.

Want to find out how to choose the best plastic molding company to partner with your business? We help you by showing you everything you need to take into account right now!

Specify the materials you need plastic molds

Today we have a wide range of plastic resins that serve the most diverse purposes and products. Before hiring a molding company, find out which of these resins best suits your needs.

It would be frustrating to partner with a company that doesn't have the material you need for your product. Moreover, not to mention wasted time and energy spent closing the deal and potential related losses.

One tip is to explore the potential supplier's knowledge of the resins and how they meet their potential needs. Furthermore, it is important to discuss aspects such as:
plastic molding company

  • quality parameters
  • Moreover, cycle times
  • Similarly,  acceptable percentages of grinding and finishing work.

 Injection molding

Experts consider injection molding to be the most popular and affordable method of manufacturing plastic parts. Moreover, Then the material solidifies, forming a neat, identical casting. Hence, despite the apparent simplicity, the method requires expensive functional equipment, equipped workshops.

  • Where is injection molding easy to apply?

Almost any plastic product in everyday life of a modern person is easy to recreate using injection molding technology. Furthermore, it comes without restrictions on circulation and configuration complexity. Similarly, the method is common to produce packaging containers.

Household appliances, toys for children, caps and lids, parts for the automotive industry, construction, and architecture are common. Furthermore, plastic molding companies make cans, cups and dishes, disposable cutlery, bottles, and tanks to store liquids.

  • Benefits at a glance

The task of responsible manufacturers is to provide every customer with a guarantee of high quality and identity of finished parts. Therefore, outdated casting in silicone molds is widely abandoned.

Generally, people give preference to professional companies. In addition, these include plastic injection molding, which has the following strengths:

  • Minimum unit cost in large batches

With large-scale production, the unit cost is minimal. The larger the volume of the order, the lower the production price of blanks.

Plastic molding company injections ensure that every hole and cavity within the mold is evenly fill up.

  • The durability of metal molds

Generally, before starting production, engineers create a reusable mold from durable metal. Similarly, this will serve for several years.

 And will provide the ability to produce an unlimited number of polymer parts.

  • Large selection of raw materials

The starting material is granules of thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastics.

Thermosetting powders with a wide range of physical and mechanical properties. In addition, the raw materials are recyclable, eco-friendly.


With impressive capital investments at the start of production, it is possible to recoup the costs and start increasing profits in a short time. In a plastic molding company, unfortunately, unprofitable is the casting of piece lots and single copies.

  • Overview of technological stages

Basically, the technology designed for large circulation involves two stages:

  •         Preparatory activities lasting from several weeks to a year include creating a volumetric model on a 3D printer, trial prototyping, design, and mold release.
  •         Before the main stage, a trial casting carries out in the shops, the properties and characteristics of the first test specimens.
  • Direct injection molding comes out in the following sequence:

Supply of polymer heated to viscosity under pressure with subsequent leveling. Furthermore, the mold cools so that the cast composition hardens.
plastic molding company

 In plastic molding company opening the form, issuing a finished copy, checking compliance

  • How calculate plastic molding company cost?

Maintaining loyalty in financial matters, the products our company provides a guarantee of fair prices. The complexity of the product, the characteristics of the plastic part selected to create, the number of pieces in the ordered batch.

  • The technology of injection molding

The technology of injection molding of plastics involves injecting a heated polymer composition into a metal mold. Similarly, it follows uniform distribution and solidification of the melt.

Under plastic molding companies, the technique is widespread. It is common in the large-scale production of consumer goods.

 What parts are made using this method?

Injection molding does not imply restrictions on the size, shape, and number of parts. Using this plastic processing technology, they create cases for household appliances and digital electronics.

Plastic molding company makes durable packaging and roomy packing boxes. Other positions are also supplied to the market: plastic cans and bottles; covers; Kids’  toys; and parts for cars.

  • Construction Materials;

Accessories for the kitchen, etc. The products have the declared performance characteristics, while their production does not require a significant investment of money.

  • Overview of the advantages of the plastic molding company technique

Our company gives preference to injection molding technology for the following reasons:

Low running costs. The molds common in plastic molding company are made of a robust metal alloy designed to last for many years. They do not require frequent replacement.

 They can withstand intense mechanical stress, temperature changes, and the influence of other negative factors.

Execution of any orders; At the request of customers, the enterprise will produce a part of any configuration, including one with thin walls, a large number of bends, grooves, protruding parts.

Accuracy guarantee: Because the heated melt is injected under pressure, even the most minor holes are filled inside the mold.

This explains the high accuracy of finished products - they fully comply with the requirements of the provided technical documentation and approved sketches.

Key milestones in plastic molding company

The first step is to start preparatory work - create a three-dimensional model, make a prototype, design, and make a mold. From the start of operations to the test casting of parts, it can take several weeks to several months. Then they move to cast. The plastic is heated for a certain temperature.

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How to boost manufacturing with aluminum soft plastic molds?

How to boost manufacturing with aluminum soft plastic molds?

Aug 14, 2021
By hqt


aluminum soft plastic molds

How to process thermoplastic plastics?

For the processing of thermoplastic plastics, automated lines with extruders are increasingly common.

The equipment allows the production of molded products of unlimited length by forcing the melt through a die - a metal forming head.


  • Benefits at a glance

The technology has gained popularity due to the following advantages:

Ease of equipment maintenance. Similarly, the extruder is easy to service by an operator who has completed preparatory training for one to two months. In addition, his duties include performing several simple manipulations.

 For example, checking and replacing fuses, cleaning the screens on the filter units come with aluminum soft plastic molds, as a result.

  • Branded devices and Profitability

Branded devices work without failures for a long time, eliminating the likelihood of defects in the produced batches—high speed. At the request of customers, it is possible to manufacture many products in a short time frame.

Profitability; Plastic parts from the prepared melt are produced without waste and residues. The 24-hour working day, which is easy to establish in the shops, also contributes to profitability.

Scope of Pigments of aluminum soft plastic application

Engineers of our company use technology to manufacture sheets, films, pipes.

 Also, the technique allows the production of other consumer goods with a minimum investment of resources. There is a scope for aluminum soft plastic molds.

Quality and Polymers.

Products meet high-quality standards; do not require final revision and adjustments after solidification. Furthermore, they come on flexible and rigid PVC, nylon, elastomers.

Pigments of aluminum soft plastic

 To give the details a particular shade, coloring pigments are common. It covers stabilizers and modifiers and stabilizers. The pigment common in aluminum soft plastic molds minimizes the risk of product degradation in direct sunlight and increases shock resistance.

Modifiers. For the melt to have the required viscosity and fluidity, modifiers are added in specific proportions.

  • Necessary equipment to start up the extrusion line


Choice of the method depends on the thermoplastic or thermosetting type of material, its fluidity. Moreover, in aluminum soft plastic molds, viscosity is also involved. Furthermore, this needs to maintain the configuration and dimensions of the finished products.

  • Pressing

The most common equipment for this type of molding is hydraulic presses. The shape that follows the contours of the future product comes with a thermosetting melt under pressure; mold is removed.

Injection molding

The method also uses specially made closed molds, which make it possible to obtain hollow objects weighing up to several kilograms, with walls 1-20 mm thick.

The polymers melted to a state of fluidity fill the molding cavities, and solidify in the same place. Injection molding is common in aluminum soft plastic molds.


  • Extrusion

The advantage of the method is the possibility of obtaining semi-finished products of unlimited length. It is based on the extrusion of a polymer melt through a forming head with the desired profile.

 The second advantage is that virtually all types of modern polymers is easy to process using this method.

  • Industrial extruders

Industrial extruders are available in single, twin, multi-screw, disc, and blow molding. The latter plays a major role in extrusion blow molding methods.

 But for the production of plastic products, one extruder is not enough. So, under aluminum soft plastic molds, several more pieces of equipment are common, combined into an extrusion line.

  • Products obtained by extrusion are very diverse:

Polymer films and sheets, pipes, and profiles are produced using single-screw equipment. Degassing twin-screw extruders have PVC construction products.

The well-known our company in extrusion production of molded products of decent quality and those obtained by casting. Plastic products are manufactured in a factory using modern high-tech equipment.

  • Die forming

The required configuration comes with a stamp and cooled to fix it. This is how aluminum, soft plastic molds, glass cabins, fairings, visors, and other products of an open circuit we get.

  • Pneumatic molding

Pneumatic molding and vacuum versions produce complex parts of optics, lighting technology from thermoplastics.

They are based on the same principles of heating-shaping-cooling.

Atmospheric pressure

Only atmospheric pressure and vacuum act as a stamp. The possibilities of these methods have been expanded to obtain large-sized goods and plastics with fillers - fiberglass and fiberglass.

  • 3D printing

3D printing can be called a mass phenomenon, as its applications are constantly expanding. Three-dimensional technologies never cease to improve, thanks to which they have taken a strong position in the market.

 Aluminum soft plastic molds use a 3D printer, and you can print a three-dimensional model of a product and obtain a physical object corresponding to the specified parameters.

In what areas is Aluminum soft plastic molds 3D printing common?

3D printing is a layer-by-layer build-up of an object according to a pre-built three-dimensional model from various materials: metal, plastic, paper, plaster, photopolymer, and others.

 Since 3D printing is quite affordable, it finds application in entirely different fields, such as:

  • More details on 3D printing

Construction and architecture - a 3D printer allows you to design models of buildings of any complexity. They show the architectural object to the customer from the good side.

Aluminum soft plastic molds parts helps buildings and houses owe their particular popularity to their relatively affordable cost;

What to know when buying Aluminum soft plastic molds for heavy machinery?

As you could see, replacement parts tend to have a more affordable value, both for retailers and the final consumer. But not everything is flowers, it is necessary to be careful when purchasing parallel pieces. Find out more about this below.

When you find a very low value, be wary; understand that parts quoted at a value well below the average can mean pirated, remanufactured or even reconditioned merchandise.

What determines the price of Aluminum soft plastic molds?

In any case, the price determines the value of a product on the market. So, conclude that: many things that are priced absurdly low fail to deliver extraordinarily high quality.

Attest to the recognition and reliability of the manufacturer and Brand, this is one of the main criteria that we must analyze when purchasing replacement parts.
Buy from companies that have time and market experience, after all companies that have achieved lasting credibility will not work with low quality parts!

aluminum soft plastic molds

  • Why 3D printing

3D printing takes it to the next level, making it easier to save lives. Thanks to this technology. The following is easy to print.

Artificial kidneys, skin cells, joints, dentures, and crowns, tissues, and organs

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A Comprehensive Guide on plastic injection molding with Hydraulic Machines

A Comprehensive Guide on plastic injection molding with Hydraulic Machines

Aug 12, 2021
By hqt

Hydraulic plastic injection machine

plastic injection molding

Hydraulic mold clamping machine

The hydraulic mold clamping machine is a plastic injection machine that uses a hydraulic system to open and close the mold and maintain that clamping force.

 The hydraulic system also makes the screw rotate, move back and forth and give force to the pushpin. This system includes a pump, valve, motor, pipeline, and oil tank. Etc.


Electric plastic injection machine

It is a plastic injection-based machine that uses a servo motor to adjust the mold opening, closing, and mold pliers, pushing the backing pin.

Some of these machines also come with a servo motor to control the back and forth movement of the screw. This machine does plastic injection molding. As far as I know, the electric plastic injection machine appeared on the market around 2005 in Japan.

The electric injection molding machine

A popular electric plastic injection machine on the market

Should you choose an electric plastic injection machine or a hydraulic plastic injection machine?

To give sincere and accurate advice in choosing an electric plastic injection machine or a hydraulic plastic injection machine is not easy. Each type of machine has its advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, depending on the specific job, you can buy the appropriate plastic injection machine to bring the highest economic efficiency. Below I will compare these two lines of plastic injection molding machines according to the essential criteria so that readers can make the best decision.

About power consumption:

Electric plastic injection machines save you 20-40% of electricity consumption compared to hydraulic plastic injection machines. This is understandable because the hydraulic plastic injection machine uses a hydraulic system.

Construction of plastic injection molding

 It includes pumps and motors to recycle hydraulic oil to supply the whole system even when there is no requirement.  As for the plastic injection machine controlled by Servo motor, plastic injection molding only works and generates power loss when it is necessary to close, open the mold, and move the screw.

Work productivity

The hydraulic plastic injection molding machine has a faster opening and closing speed than the electric plastic injection machine because the efficiency of this type of motor at present has a lower rate.

How does plastic injection molding increase productivity?

Depending on the specific jobs is a disadvantage of the electric motor because if the opening and closing take too long, it will affect the injection molding cycle. However, if the products need a lot of time to cool, using an electric plastic injection machine is not a disadvantage. On the contrary, plastic injection molding will increase your productivity.

Electric plastic injection machines are not suitable for products that need considerable injection pressure and large mold clamping force. It is effortless to get bogged down with the parting surface.

Weight machine.

A considerable advantage of the electric plastic injection machine is that there are no hydraulic pumps, pump motors, valves, pipes. Hence, it is much lighter and neater than the hydraulic plastic injection machine.

A typical plastic injection molding machine needs about 300 liters of hydraulic oil to operate, also a small cost. In addition, during operation, I found that the electric plastic injection machine operates more quietly than the hydraulic plastic injection machine.

About the price.

Electric plastic injection molding machine is a relatively new technology. Therefore, the cost for you to own this type of machine is also much higher than that of a hydraulic plastic injection machine.

Besides, if you need to buy an old machine, it is not easy to find a cheap electric plastic injection machine because the life of this machine is very high.

Injection molding machines China

 In the market of plastic injection machines in China today, a hydraulic plastic injection machine priced from 1 million-1.3 million tons can run smoothly.

You have to spend 1.8 million-2 million tons to have the opportunity to own one—electric plastic injection machine. Making cheap plastic molds is often associated with poor quality – it is a thought ingrained in us.

Products and Services

When buying a cheap product or embroidering an affordable service, people often think of the quality of the product. Plastic injection molding service is cost-effective.


Making cheap plastic molds


However, when making cheap plastic molds, designers and builders know how to optimize improvements and optimize unnecessary costs. We can ultimately make a plastic mold at a low price but still ensure quality. Ensure the requirements that the customer wants.

plastic injection molding 2021

Factors affecting the price of plastic mold making

One factor that customers are often interested in is how much it costs to make a plastic mold. In this regard, our Plastic Mold Factory would like to advise customers on the factors that determine the cost of a plastic injection product.


Accuracy: This is perhaps the most important factor driving up the price of mold making. A plastic product made with plastic injection molding with a size that requires accuracy of 0.01mm - 0.1mm will cost much more than a product that requires accuracy of 1mm or more.

Products requiring precise mold components

 It can be understood as follows; “Products that need to be precise require more precise mold components. To be accurate, mold components require higher precision machining machines.

 The more precise the machine, the higher the purchase value… all of these factors drives up the cost of the mold.” Product shape: The simpler the product, the easier it is to make and achieve its intended use.

 Products with complex profiles in plastic injection molding

In contrast, for products with complex profiles such as undercuts, threaded products, products that need slides, products that require high gloss, etc.,

 The mold structure will be complicated, and it will take a long time to design the mold and process mold. And we have tested many times. This process requires some not small expenses.

Injection molding Product volume:

 The larger the product, the larger the mold it is simple rule. Therefore, as the mold material increases, the cost of the mold will also increase.

Above are the two main factors that determine the mold cost. However, if you make a mold, you can rest assured because you don't have to spend a lot of money to make a mold.

Final thoughts on plastic injection molding

In this article, I just mentioned some criteria for evaluation that are within the scope of my understanding.

Currently on the market, several hybrid machines combine the advantages of both of these plastic injection machines.

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