Plastic Window Trim Molding: 6 Practical Tips

Dec 11, 2021

Introduction of Plastic window trim molding

The quality of the plastic window trim molding sample directly affects the plastic product, determining the accuracy and aesthetics of the product. A standard plastic injection mold can yield many quality plastic products.


Businesses, manufacturers and consumers always demand high quality. Therefore, we should look for a reputable, long-term unit to learn and cooperate

Evaluation of the quality and reputation of plastic window trim molding

Whether each manufactured plastic product is appreciated or not depends much on the plastic injection mold. From design shape to gloss, aesthetics, and durability of plastic products are all regulated by plastic injection molds. Therefore, a reputable mold making unit must ensure the following factors:

Durability and productivity of the Plastic window trim molding

Experienced mold design team to design quality Plastic window trim molding. The design must meet structural standards, have high feasibility in terms of processing and assembly, and durability and productivity. The injection mold is capable of mass production in large quantities.

Mold materials are suitable for the expected output and quality of the pressed product. The injection mold ensures quality, has high strength, high durability, and avoids damage during pressing.

After manufacturing, the injection mold must have high precision, standard surface gloss, and work well. Injection molds can produce identical products during the entire production process.

Time is important for Plastic window trim molding

The time of each injection molding cycle is minimized, contributing to increased production efficiency.

The structure of the mold is suitable for the type of plastic injection machine to bring the best production efficiency. It is possible to produce quality products and maintain the durability of the mold.

Strict and methodical mold production process; complete, synchronous and modern machinery system. The factory ensures production capacity and processing progress.

A team of factory workers with rich experience in the profession, with a high sense of responsibility.

Having machines to inspect molds and test Plastic window trim molding before handing over, immediately handle problems to ensure the quality of finished plastic products.

5 Criteria for choosing a professional Plastic window trim molding


Mold manufacturing in general, plastic molding or plastic injection molding is a high-tech precision mechanical industry, requiring precision, from drawing design, mold design to production stage.

Therefore, not enterprises with precision mechanical processing equipment can produce molds. Because in addition to the physical and human factors, there must be a "skilled" technical and management team.

Therefore, to help customers, choose a reputable and quality plastic molding company, we offer "5 criteria for choosing a reputable plastic molding company" with just a glance.

Customers can "read" their mold making skills as follows:

Criterion 1: The sales team is knowledgeable about molds, mold structure, and enthusiastically advises on solutions for Plastic window trim molding.

Plastic products on the market come in all shapes and sizes, with many different textures and shapes. Therefore, it also sets different requirements for mold structure and different mold technical solutions to meet the requirements of each plastic product.

Technical solution of the Plastic window trim molding

Therefore, to concretize customer requirements into technical solutions, the sales team of mold manufacturing companies must have both business skills and knowledge of plastic products, knowledge of production capacity of all kinds of plastics, knowledgeable about plastic mold structures to advise customers on the most economical solutions.

At the same time, it is necessary to accurately calculate the cost of mold making, the risks in the mold making process, the technical requirements of the product to offer a suitable offer price to bring benefits to both parties.

Criterion 2. Modern and synchronous machinery system suitable for mold industry.

Mold manufacturing includes many stages, many parts to handle the processing of details in a synchronous and timely manner to ensure the accuracy and flexibility of the business.

Therefore, Plastic window trim molding manufacturing companies often must equip themselves with a lot of machinery and equipment to ensure the "right, enough, even" synchronization while ensuring accuracy and modernity

Basic Machinery system of the Plastic window trim molding

CNC milling machining center: can have vertical milling machine, horizontal milling machine, spindle speed from 10,000 rpm or more. To improve productivity and efficiency, cnc milling machines can be used for milling, semi-calculation and finishing. These machines are used for shaping punching plates, die plates of molds and sub-plates of plastic molds

CNC turning machining center: for processing and manufacturing cylindrical parts such as forming punches, bearings, step pins, inserts, ....

Universal machining machine Plastic window trim molding

Vertical universal milling, horizontal universal milling to process envelope sizes for mold plates. But now, a lot of mold manufacturing companies have ordered units to manufacture Plastic window trim molding shells or process mold plates according to required dimensions.

  1. Universal lathe: for repair, details during assembly.
  2. Flat grinder: to create parallel surfaces for mold plates with an accuracy of a few thousandths of a mm.
  3. Drilling machine, vertical drilling, small drilling to create cooling water lines, bolting holes, tapping holes for mold plates.
  4. Insert grinding machine to serve the grinding of insert plates during mold assembly.
  5. Dowel cutter: to size the push pins of the mold.
  6. CNC wire cutting machine: for processing complex parts, small and deep holes that cannot be processed by cnc.

Spark machine of Plastic window trim molding:

 for machining complex objects with small, tight gaps, right angles that cannot be processed by wire cutting machines, cnc milling machines.

  • Hole punching machine: to assist in making holes for wire cutters.
  • 2D measuring machine to measure the forming dimensions of mold plates.
  • wire cutting machine for processing Plastic window trim molding
  • wire cutting machine for processing plastic molding

Criterion 3: Professional mold design team.

The mold design stage is a decisive step to the success of a mold set. In order to make the customer's requirements a technical problem that is feasible in principle and feasible in terms of manufacturing, the mold manufacturing company must have a technical team to carry out the professional mold design.

This team is both good at design skills, must understand the structure of molds, and must have practical experience and design experience. At the same time, there must be enough personnel structure, specifically as follows:

Personnel design 2D, 3D drawings:

 this team will work with the sales department to simulate ideas, customer sample products become 3D design drawings for customers to visualize the product after What is the shape and size of injection molding?


Then, export the 3D drawing to a 2D detailed drawing to measure and records the dimensions to confirm the product's parameters for acceptance or compare the assembly with other details before going into mold manufacturing.

 In addition, after finalizing the 3D drawing, the customer can use this drawing for rapid prototyping (3D printing) to produce the actual product for testing and adjustment, if any.