7 Steps of Painting Plastic Trim Molding Process

Dec 10, 2021

Revealing the Painting plastic trim molding making process


Plastic products are widely common in our life. The production of plastic products is certainly not strange. Surely everyone knows they are created from Painting plastic trim molding.  

However, how to make plastic injection molds? What processes is necessary to create a satisfactory and accurate injection mold? Let’s learn about the plastic injection mold making process with us.

What is Painting plastic trim molding?

To produce a wide range of different plastic products, we need plastic injection molds. Depending on the require shape of the plastic product, plastic injection molds come in all sizes and types. Simply put, a plastic injection mold is a tool for creating and shaping plastic. 

They consist of many parts that are assembled together into a complete set of molds. Then, the plastic injection mold is installing on the plastic injection machine. There, the plastic is melting, then pumped into the cavity and poured into the injection mold. 

Finally, it is easy and produces a plastic product with the shape and size of the Painting plastic trim molding cavity. One plastic injection mold can produce thousands and millions of plastic products.

Desire size and shape of Painting plastic trim molding

The desired size and shape of the plastic product determines the texture of the plastic injection mold. Product output also determines the selection of materials for the injection mold materials, the selection of the accuracy of the mold details.

 The more number of injection molds, the more meticulous and sophisticated. Making high-precision plastic injection molds will determine the quality of the products created.

Plastic injection mold design

Before proceeding to make plastic injection molds, customers and manufacturers need to discuss ideas. Then, the designer outlines the shape of the product to create a plastic injection mold. To create products that require high accuracy in shape and size, the mold must have a reasonable structure. 

Quality and design of Painting plastic trim molding

The injection mold must be carefully making for easy product handling, productivity and product quality as well as the life of the mold. Therefore, the design of plastic injection molds (molds) is an important process that determines the quality of molds and products.

In fact, the Painting plastic trim molding design process includes the following steps:

Painting plastic trim molding making process

Step 1:  After receiving the design, we conduct data analysis of plastic injection molds. Consists of:

  1. Number of cavities of plastic injection mold.
  2. Also, Partition faces of plastic injection molds.
  3. However, how to take the product out of the plastic injection mold.
  4. Moreover, The position of the pump port on the plastic product.
  5. In addition, Core or solid mold.
  6. Furthermore, done plastic material
  7. Also, Plastic injection mold materials.
  8. However, Dimensional accuracy, gloss/surface roughness, etc.

In addition, the shrinkage, about the position of the product push pin; The degree of taper in terms of plastic products, presses common for production.

Base on the above analysis, the design department will draw up a complete Painting plastic trim molding drawing with all the details of the mold. From there, the factory will hold a meeting and agree on the structure, processing plan, and plan. quality control and mold assembly scheme. And the result is a complete design.

Step 2:  Buy steel and mold components.

Buy bulk steel or use base (standard mold shell). Depending on the production scale and process of each manufacturing unit, appropriate components easy to select.

Step 3:  Processing and manufacturing.

  • Workpiece forming: Edge milling, face milling and surface grinding.
  • Also, CNC machining: to shape the mold cavity and mold components.
  • Moreover, Wire cutting machining: to create parts that require high precision.
  • Furthermore, Spark pulse machining:
  • Shape positions that cannot be CNC machine and wire cut.
  • Finishing processing: to create water, create bolt holes, ....

Step 4:  Polish the surface and assemble the mold.

This is a very important step in determining the quality of the product. Painting plastic trim molding with high surface gloss will produce good quality products. Therefore, step 4 carry out meticulously to create a standard gloss.

Then proceed to assemble the injection mold. Connect mold parts and components according to the requirements of the design. The plastic injection mold becomes a complete set of molds and can work well. At this stage the injection mold is complete.

Step 5: Try plastic molding.

We will try the Painting plastic trim molding. There, the plastic easy to check for mold forming ability, dimensional accuracy, product quality, shrinkage, flatness, straightness, gloss, etc. and take corrective action.

Step 6:  Fix the existing problems, if any.

For the product to work properly and properly, the problems detected above easy to correct and rectified. The mold made must meet the correct technical requirements as the input parameters. After the repair is complete, go back to the injection mold test step.

Step 7:  Send the completed form to the customer.

Finished and qualified products easy to deliver to customers for evaluation, adjustment and approval of sample products. We always guarantee the specifications and quality of the injection mold products.

Plastic products are increasingly popular and indispensable in daily life. The demand for plastic injection mold manufacturers is increasing day by day. Finding and choosing a good unit, ensuring quality and reputation is really necessary.

Production situation of plastic injection molds in Hanoi

Currently, the demand to produce plastic products has up sharply due to the superior characteristics of plastic products. Since then, the demand for Painting plastic trim molding making units is increasing. There are many units manufacturing and processing all kinds of molds, plastic injection molds with competitive prices, diverse designs and different service quality.


Manufacturing and processing molds are very expensive in materials and time. Furthermore, product quality depends heavily on creativity and accuracy in design, machining, quality control and many other stages. Therefore, on the market today, not all units can guarantee the quality and cost of Painting plastic trim molding.