What is cold channel plastic injection molding service 2021?

Nov 03, 2021

Each different type of plastic product requires a different plastic injection mold. In this article, we will share with you how to choose plastic injection molding service 2021 according to production needs. It is to get a complete and quality plastic product.

Common types of plastic injection molds commonly encountered in production

There are many types of plastic injection molds common in the production of plastic products on the market today. The production unit will base on many factors, thereby choosing the most suitable plastic injection mold according to its production needs.

2 plate mold with hot channel:

plastic injection molding service 2021 use common application in the production of plastic products using good heat resistant materials. The 2-plate mold has a hot channel that saves materials. Similarly, it shortens the pressing cycle time and leaves no marks on the formed plastic product.

3 plate cold channel plastic injection mold:

 Plastic mold is common in the production of complex parts with high technical requirements. The 3-plate mold is designed with 2 or more cavities, capable of cutting the glue tail out of the plastic product after the end of the pressing cycle.

3-plate hot channel mold:

 It is a type of plastic injection mold has many outstanding advantages. Plastic injection molding service 2021 requires high mold manufacturing costs compared to 2-plate molds. The mold can be designed with many cavities with small size, complex channel system.

Multi-layer mold:

Suitable for projects producing plastic products that require large quantities, ensuring low product costs. Multi-stage plastic injection mold is suitable for small-sized plastic injection machines.

Important criteria for choosing plastic injection molding service 2021

Plastic injection mold is a mold product that serves the needs of manufacturing plastic products, that is, production according to order needs. The choice of plastic injection mold depends on many factors. This includes:

  • Mold design requirements
  • Material
  • Similarly, Size
  • Type of injection molding machine
  • Moreover, drawing of plastic injection mold...

Before proceeding to make plastic injection molds, the implementing unit needs to understand the requirements and wishes of the customer unit. Issues to pay special attention to when designing plastic injection molds include:

Plastic injection mold drawing

Currently, plastic injection molding service 2021often receives plastic injection mold drawings from customers instead of designing them themselves. The outsourcing company based on the requirements from the customer.

Similarly, it is to build and edit the drawings to match the actual production. The customer will review and give final confirmation as the basis for the drawing to be valid for use in construction.

Type of plastic material common in production

Determining the type of plastic material that will be common in the production of plastic products is the basis for deciding on the type of material common to make the mold. This is the basic factor affecting the quality, technical characteristics and operation of the plastic injection mold.


There are types of plastic materials that adversely affect the quality of steel. Moreover, the treatment of steel as a plastic injection mold material also depends on plastic injection molding service 2021.

Technical parameter of plastic injection molding service 2021

In order to produce quality plastic products, plastic injection molding machines and molds need to have a perfect combination. The most suitable capacity and size of injection mold. That is the basis for the smooth operation of the plastic injection process, ensuring the life of the machine and the plastic injection mold.

The above criteria are important factors in choosing plastic injection mold according to production needs. If you have a need for plastic injection molds, please contact plastic injection molding service 2021 to cooperate and produce quality and safe plastic products.

What is cold channel plastic injection molding service 2021?

The cold channel system guides the material from the nozzle of the injection machine:

  • through the nozzle
  • through the channel
  • Moreover, through the nozzle into the mold cavity without any thermal impact on the material in its path

 Unlike the hot channel system, there is a heating element to heat the material in the channel.

The structure of the cold channel system in the mold includes the main parts:

  1. the nozzle silver
  2. the plastic channel
  3. Furthermore, the nozzle

Sprays stem silver part

The nozzle silver part, abbreviated to the nozzle, is a connection between the nozzle of the machine and the plastic channel. Plastic injection molding service 2021 is responsible for bringing the plastic flow from the nozzle of the machine to the channel.

The difference in the function of the nozzle silver in the cold plastic channel system is that when applied in a 2-plate mold with a single cavity design, the nozzle will perform the task of leading the plastic into the mold cavity directly through the mouth. Spray without the need for a plastic channel element.

The length of the injection stub matches the thickness of the mold plates. The movement of the plastic stream is least under pressure. If the pressure in the injection molding process is not guaranteed, it will cause basic errors on plastic products. Hence, you need a reliable plastic injection molding service 2021.

Plastic injection mold Channel Parts

The plastic channel in the cold channel is the connection between the nozzle bush and the nozzle.

First of all, let's find out the rules to follow when designing plastic channels in the mold:

  • Minimize channel cross-section variation
  • The plastic design in the channel should be easy to release from the mold
  • The shorter the channel length, the better, avoiding pressure loss on the plastic path and faster mold filling time

And here are some types of channels with different cross-sections:

Round section plastic channel: recommended by this type to allow the best flow of plastic material. The selected cross-section channel has outstanding advantages in terms of less heat loss, with a slow cooling core that helps maintain heat and pressure quite well.

The limitation that previously could not be done with manual machinery technology is that it is difficult to process on 2 halves of the mold to achieve accuracy. Now with CNC machines machining on 2 halves of the mold is easy.

However, the surface area of ​​the channel is large, so the ability to lose heat quickly and when processing is expensive.

Plastic channel with rectangular and semi-circular cross-section

Plastic injection molding service 2021 rarely choose to design this type of channel, although it is easy to process, but in terms of specifications when injection molding is not good at all. Uneven cold cross section increases friction leading to difficulty in mold exit, uneven pressure.

Channels have many different cross-sections, choosing the optimal cross-section depends on many factors.