The A - Z Guide of How-to Plastic Injection Molding?

Jan 27, 2022

Instructions for using an effective plastic injection machine

How to plastic injection molding? No matter how good a plastic injection machine is, if you do not know how to use it, the effect will not be as expected. This is why you need to carefully read the instructions for using the plastic injection molding machine before using it.


  1. The structure of plastic injection molding machine
  2. The characteristics of plastic injection molding machines
  3. The features of plastic injection molding machine
  4. The process of using a plastic injection molding machine
  5. Tips to use the laminator effectively


How to plastic injection molding?

Plastic laminator is a device common to wrap important papers; picture with plastic film. As a result, important papers and pictures are protected from mold; insect bites; wet; bleach; crumpled. Plastic injection molding machines are common more and more commonly in offices; office; print shop; Photo shop.

Here is the manual for the plastic injection molding machine you need to know.

Learn the structure of plastic injection molding machine

There are many types of plastic injection molding machines on the market today. Each type will have a distinct feature, but the structure is basically the same and includes main parts such as:

How to plastic injection molding? Covers the outside and protects the electronic components inside from dust; wet; insect. The housing is insulated and insulated to ensure the safety of the user.

Power on / off button

Help users perform the operation of turning on the device when needed to use and turning off the device when not in use.

The rolo part: The function of this part is to keep the paper from being jammed into the machine when pressing. Most plastic injection molding machines today usually have 4 roles.

The temperature adjustment part:

The function of this part is to increase or decrease the temperature according to the user's wishes. How to plastic injection molding? Thanks to the appropriate temperature adjustment, the product after plastic injection ensures aesthetics; no swelling; No glue peeling or burning of laminated film.

Seamless paper clip:

This part will combine with the clamping roller to keep paper from getting stuck inside the press. Press mode change button provides 2 options of hard pressing and flexible pressing. Depending on actual needs, users will choose the appropriate pressing mode.

Rubber wheel lining the machine:

This part works to protect the base of the machine from being soaked in water or in contact with the ground. After understanding the structure and function of each part; How to plastic injection molding? You need to learn the characteristics of the machine before reading the manual for the plastic injection molding machine.

The characteristics of plastic injection molding machines

There are many ways to classify plastic laminators on the market. We often come across types like:

Ordinary plastic laminator: This type of machine uses bags with pre-defined sizes according to the size. Equipment suitable for pressing documents; printing products of small sizes such as cards; sign; letter; a4 paper size; menus; board rules; instruction boards, posters in small format…

Roll laminator: How to plastic injection molding? This machine allows pressing pictures and documents of medium to large size such as tables; Large format posters... They are common a lot in printing and advertising service shops. This type of roll laminator has a more set price than a conventional bag laminator.


Types of laminating films for plastic injection machines

Classified by structure, we also have plastic injection machines with thermostats and machines without thermostats. In there:

The plastic laminator has a thermostat that can adjust the temperature to suit each laminated material and type of film. As a result, the product after pressing has high accuracy; smooth surface; minimize blistering or burning of pressed paper.

The laminator without thermostat

How to plastic injection molding? The laminator does not have a thermostat that does not allow the user to adjust the temperature level when laminating. This leads to the limitation that the laminate is easily peeled when the temperature is too low or burned when the temperature is too high. The aesthetics of the product is therefore also affected.

Each product will have certain characteristics, advantages and limitations. When learning the manual of the plastic injection machine you need to know this to master your device. If classified by printing size, we have the following types of laminating machines:

Learn the features how to plastic injection molding?

After learning the characteristics of the type of plastic injection machine you use, you can continue to learn about the product's features. There are some basic features you just need to look at the symbols to know.

But some features you need to read carefully in the manual of the plastic injection machine that comes with the machine to know. In addition to the on/off feature; Normal temperature control, some models also have a reverse feature.

Learn the process of using a plastic injection molding machine

The next step is to find out how the device is common. How to plastic injection molding? If you are not familiar with this process, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Plug in the power cord and make sure the right power is supplied to the machine
  • Press the start button and wait 3-5 minutes for the machine to warm up
  • Select the pressing mode and temperature suitable for pressing materials and types of laminated films.
  • Put the product to be pressed into the press. When pressing, you should place the machine on a flat surface. There should be space behind the machine for the product to come out after pressing.
  • After pressing, you adjust the temperature of the machine to 0
  • Turn off the heat switch and wait for the machine to cool completely before unplugging the power cord and storing the device.

How to plastic injection molding? Above is the 6-step process in the manual for the plastic injection molding machine. Just follow these steps correctly and know a few tips, you will always have the beautiful finished product you want.

Tips to use the laminator effectively

There is one thing that inexperienced users may not know. It is the adjustment of temperature in accordance with the thickness, thinness of the material and laminated film. There are no detailed instructions for adjusting the temperature according to the pressing material.

You will learn from experience after many times of practice. How to plastic injection molding? However, you need to keep in mind, the thicker the pressing material, the higher the pressing temperature must be.

But you should not adjust to a high temperature at the beginning, but leave it at the lowest level and then increase it gradually. This limits the burn of the laminate.

Place the machine horizontally to increase the certainty

Each type of laminator has a regulation on the thickness of the laminated paper. When laminating, you should use suitable paper and absolutely do not use paper with a thickness of more than 1.0mm.

In each use, you should place the machine horizontally to increase the certainty; How to plastic injection molding? Avoid jostling or dropping the machine which may cause burns or damage to the machine.


No matter how good your laminator is, you shouldn't use it for more than 2 hours. After each press, the machine needs to rest for at least 15 seconds before pressing again. When the machine is damp or dirty, you should not use it.