Overcome the core technology of meltblown cloth to achieve multi-spec mass production

Jul 02, 2020

Since the outbreak of new pneumonia worldwide, meltblown fabrics have multiplied and become the core material of medical protective masks. In order to ensure that the Boomingshing medical production line of Changhong Technology's subsidiary needs to produce 3 million pieces of mask raw materials every day, and save procurement costs, and make full use of Changhong's powerful mold technology background technology, the group chairman Li Huanchang decided to establish on April 15, 2020. A technical team supporting the research and development of melt-blown fabrics to overcome the precision spinneret technology of melt-blown fabric molds and the production technology of high-temperature injection molding spray glue. The goal is to produce and sell core raw materials.



The first stage, to overcome the core technology of precision spinneret

This task of research and development and production of precision molds has been transferred to its subsidiary Shanghai Changmei Precision Moulds Ltd. On April 15, after receiving the task, Xu Yanping, the general manager of the company, personally selected the technical backbone to form a research and development team. It took only 3 days on April 18 to overcome the precise processing technology of the melter nozzle spinneret and complete the smooth assembly of the 600-hole nozzle module with high efficiency and high quality. Subsequent assembly of various specifications and models, such as 600-type aperture (0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm), 1600-type aperture (0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm).




The second stage, to overcome the high-temperature injection molding production technology

In the coronavirus disease, time is life. On May 2, 2020, the melt-blown fabric production workshop began construction day and night at Changhong Technology's Shenzhen Pingshan Plant, and the equipment installation was completed con May 7 in only 6 days. Xu Yanping, general manager of the company, personally stationed on the front line of the workshop and worked hard with the process engineer to debug the day and night process. On May 8th, he overcame the production technology of high-temperature injection molding of melt-blown cloth. The best combination, 6 production lines to achieve smooth production. Meltblown cloth PFE99 (32L/min, 15pa/cm2), specifications (150, 175, 260), weight (0.22, 0.25, 0.30, 0.40), after testing and certification to achieve industry-leading excellent quality, daily capacity can be reached after capacity release 10 tons +, fully meet the self-production and sales demand of disposable medical masks, N95 mask raw material supply chain.

Changhong Technology is ingenious in fighting against epidemic disease, and we are all committed to the city. We have been working hard to provide high-quality products and services and work tirelessly for the cause of human health!



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May 30, 2020