For the majority of export orders, we ship F.O.B. Shenzhen, but if you have any concerns, questions or special requirements, please be sure to let us know and we will be only-too-happy to help.

Shipping Options

Here is a simple introduction to shipping options:


Sea Shipping

Generally taking around 6 weeks, it is the most cost-effective way to ship particularly heavy products (like high-precision plastic injection molds from CHT!) or large-volume products, ike thousands of beautiful plastic parts.

As one of the greatest objections to China manufacturing, the long shipping times makes it a true challenge to then make necessary changes once the tool is at its' final destination.

To combat this, we go through stringent quality checks and controls to ensure that we only ever ship the very best products.

On the advice of some sound advice from industry peers, we also manufacture a small batch of 'emergency parts', in the event that - when the tool is on the ocean - the parts are needed right away. In this case, we can air-ship the parts to the client (or often the client's client) to tide them over until the tool arrives.

Air Freight

Taking around 1 week, Air Freight is ideal for non-urgent sample shipping and often preferred by the automotive industry for all products due to tight time restrictions and lead-times.

Express Companies

Ideal for urgent sample reviews, small-batch part reviews, and shipping project related items (like reports, plans, and other associated documents) this is both the fastest and most expensive way to ship parts and products around the World.


Before we start a project together, we will share our preferred methods of shipping, logistics partner-company details and express company account details, so that when the time comes to ship items, there is no confusion and no delay.

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