CHT injection molding production management must have a deep understanding of injection molding production management system, data cost management systems, quality management systems, and PIE management. It is necessary to design a scientific and feasible management plan according to the actual situation of the enterprise at this stage, and only through comprehensive system improvement Organizational structure, standardize production management process, formulate injection molding process standardization, and equipment mold maintenance management system; at the same time, establish a correct working concept, and earnestly implement PDCA management methods, continuously optimize production process flow, and enhance the cost awareness of personnel in various positions. Fundamentally prevent various major abnormal problems in injection molding production.

A: Organizational structure

(CHT believes that the establishment of the injection molding production management system should be based on the organizational structure. The organizational chart and job description are very important signs of the injection molding production management factory.)

B: Production management system

(CHT continuously adjusts and optimizes the production management process to face the rapidly changing market and quickly respond to customer needs. The injection molding production management system also needs to be refined to improve operational efficiency and reduce operations cost, it is necessary to be able to adapt to the rapid launch of new services and continuous refinement of management needs with the rapid deployment of new processes.)

C: Quality management system

(CHT "Product quality is the life of an enterprise". To produce high-quality products, we need to work together, be familiar with every detail in each link, and strengthen each key point Controlling and forming high-quality products is a working concept through design and management; scientifically prevent the occurrence of problems before mass production, strengthen inspection control and self-inspection during mass production, etc.)

① Standardization of injection molding process

(Production process is the core foundation to ensure product quality. Quality standards determine process standards. Injection molding process standards should be divided into injection molding process parameter standards, operation, and packaging process standards.)

② Standardization of equipment and mold maintenance management

(The molding quality of products mainly depends on the equipment, molds, raw materials and injection molding process parameters, and stable equipment and molds. This requires us to implement thorough standardization of equipment and mold maintenance management.)

D: Injection cost data management/PIE management

(CHT is based on data management, and production management decisions are based on facts and data; ERP system is a good data management tool, and related systems have been developed according to the actual situation to collect and organize data carefully. Data analysis ensures that the data is objective and truthful. It provides a basis for production management decision-making and performance evaluation; classifies, counts, and analyzes various quality defects in accordance with the prescribed procedures, holds quality improvement meetings every week, and develops major defect quality improvement plan items (import PIE management), And carefully organize the implementation.)

E: Training management system

(CHT attaches great importance to people are the core of the five elements of production, and all production plans are executed by people. When the plan is determined, the effect of the work mainly depends on the job skills and service awareness of the executive position. This must be based on your own reality. Develop a training management system to meet the development needs of the factory.)

1. In accordance with the training management system, the person responsible for the training project must be implemented, and the training plan must be made, with the focus on tracking the training effect until the requirements are met.

2. The training content focuses on the following points:

  • Workshop site 5S management specifications
  • Workshop equipment safety operation regulations
  • Work process guidance
  • Quality Standard Management Practice
  • Production report filling specification
  • Position responsibilities
  • Improve the KPI performance appraisal management system


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