How to boost manufacturing with aluminum soft plastic molds?

Aug 14, 2021


aluminum soft plastic molds

How to process thermoplastic plastics?

For the processing of thermoplastic plastics, automated lines with extruders are increasingly common.

The equipment allows the production of molded products of unlimited length by forcing the melt through a die - a metal forming head.


  • Benefits at a glance

The technology has gained popularity due to the following advantages:

Ease of equipment maintenance. Similarly, the extruder is easy to service by an operator who has completed preparatory training for one to two months. In addition, his duties include performing several simple manipulations.

 For example, checking and replacing fuses, cleaning the screens on the filter units come with aluminum soft plastic molds, as a result.

  • Branded devices and Profitability

Branded devices work without failures for a long time, eliminating the likelihood of defects in the produced batches—high speed. At the request of customers, it is possible to manufacture many products in a short time frame.

Profitability; Plastic parts from the prepared melt are produced without waste and residues. The 24-hour working day, which is easy to establish in the shops, also contributes to profitability.

Scope of Pigments of aluminum soft plastic application

Engineers of our company use technology to manufacture sheets, films, pipes.

 Also, the technique allows the production of other consumer goods with a minimum investment of resources. There is a scope for aluminum soft plastic molds.

Quality and Polymers.

Products meet high-quality standards; do not require final revision and adjustments after solidification. Furthermore, they come on flexible and rigid PVC, nylon, elastomers.

Pigments of aluminum soft plastic

 To give the details a particular shade, coloring pigments are common. It covers stabilizers and modifiers and stabilizers. The pigment common in aluminum soft plastic molds minimizes the risk of product degradation in direct sunlight and increases shock resistance.

Modifiers. For the melt to have the required viscosity and fluidity, modifiers are added in specific proportions.

  • Necessary equipment to start up the extrusion line


Choice of the method depends on the thermoplastic or thermosetting type of material, its fluidity. Moreover, in aluminum soft plastic molds, viscosity is also involved. Furthermore, this needs to maintain the configuration and dimensions of the finished products.

  • Pressing

The most common equipment for this type of molding is hydraulic presses. The shape that follows the contours of the future product comes with a thermosetting melt under pressure; mold is removed.

Injection molding

The method also uses specially made closed molds, which make it possible to obtain hollow objects weighing up to several kilograms, with walls 1-20 mm thick.

The polymers melted to a state of fluidity fill the molding cavities, and solidify in the same place. Injection molding is common in aluminum soft plastic molds.


  • Extrusion

The advantage of the method is the possibility of obtaining semi-finished products of unlimited length. It is based on the extrusion of a polymer melt through a forming head with the desired profile.

 The second advantage is that virtually all types of modern polymers is easy to process using this method.

  • Industrial extruders

Industrial extruders are available in single, twin, multi-screw, disc, and blow molding. The latter plays a major role in extrusion blow molding methods.

 But for the production of plastic products, one extruder is not enough. So, under aluminum soft plastic molds, several more pieces of equipment are common, combined into an extrusion line.

  • Products obtained by extrusion are very diverse:

Polymer films and sheets, pipes, and profiles are produced using single-screw equipment. Degassing twin-screw extruders have PVC construction products.

The well-known our company in extrusion production of molded products of decent quality and those obtained by casting. Plastic products are manufactured in a factory using modern high-tech equipment.

  • Die forming

The required configuration comes with a stamp and cooled to fix it. This is how aluminum, soft plastic molds, glass cabins, fairings, visors, and other products of an open circuit we get.

  • Pneumatic molding

Pneumatic molding and vacuum versions produce complex parts of optics, lighting technology from thermoplastics.

They are based on the same principles of heating-shaping-cooling.

Atmospheric pressure

Only atmospheric pressure and vacuum act as a stamp. The possibilities of these methods have been expanded to obtain large-sized goods and plastics with fillers - fiberglass and fiberglass.

  • 3D printing

3D printing can be called a mass phenomenon, as its applications are constantly expanding. Three-dimensional technologies never cease to improve, thanks to which they have taken a strong position in the market.

 Aluminum soft plastic molds use a 3D printer, and you can print a three-dimensional model of a product and obtain a physical object corresponding to the specified parameters.

In what areas is Aluminum soft plastic molds 3D printing common?

3D printing is a layer-by-layer build-up of an object according to a pre-built three-dimensional model from various materials: metal, plastic, paper, plaster, photopolymer, and others.

 Since 3D printing is quite affordable, it finds application in entirely different fields, such as:

  • More details on 3D printing

Construction and architecture - a 3D printer allows you to design models of buildings of any complexity. They show the architectural object to the customer from the good side.

Aluminum soft plastic molds parts helps buildings and houses owe their particular popularity to their relatively affordable cost;

What to know when buying Aluminum soft plastic molds for heavy machinery?

As you could see, replacement parts tend to have a more affordable value, both for retailers and the final consumer. But not everything is flowers, it is necessary to be careful when purchasing parallel pieces. Find out more about this below.

When you find a very low value, be wary; understand that parts quoted at a value well below the average can mean pirated, remanufactured or even reconditioned merchandise.

What determines the price of Aluminum soft plastic molds?

In any case, the price determines the value of a product on the market. So, conclude that: many things that are priced absurdly low fail to deliver extraordinarily high quality.

Attest to the recognition and reliability of the manufacturer and Brand, this is one of the main criteria that we must analyze when purchasing replacement parts.
Buy from companies that have time and market experience, after all companies that have achieved lasting credibility will not work with low quality parts!

aluminum soft plastic molds

  • Why 3D printing

3D printing takes it to the next level, making it easier to save lives. Thanks to this technology. The following is easy to print.

Artificial kidneys, skin cells, joints, dentures, and crowns, tissues, and organs