Before assembling, carefully study and analyze the assembly drawing and part drawing, understand the function, characteristics, and technical requirements of each part, determine the assembly benchmark and finally achieve the product quality indicators, mold action accuracy, and various aspects in the use process. Item technical requirements assembly benchmark (strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings):

  • The main working parts in the plastic mold such as core, cavity and insert are used as the reference parts for assembly, and other parts of the mold have assembly reference parts for preparation and assembly.
  • Take the guide post and guide sleeve or the base surface of the mold template side as the assembly reference surface for trimming and assembly.

Mold assembly accuracy (the inspection tolerance of all parts of CHT mold before the next processing procedure: circulation within +/-0.015, while the following points need to be observed):

  • The mutual accuracy of various parts, such as distance dimensional accuracy, coaxial, equality, perpendicularity, etc.
  • Relative motion accuracies, such as transmission accuracy, linear motion, and rotary motion accuracy.
  • Fitting precision and contact precision, such as fitting clearance, interference contact condition, etc.
  • The wall thickness of the plastic molded part. When the mold is newly made, the wall thickness of the molded part should be biased to the lower limit of the size.

Confirmation after mold assembly (confirm strictly according to the list before CHT trial production):

  • Glue feeding system (hot runner, needle valve, pump, main flow channel, branch runner, glue port, etc.)
  • Actuating parts (inclined roof, block, slider, cylinder, valve, etc.)
  • Ejection system (thimble, top block, inclined top, top plate, mechanical rotation, etc.)
  • Cooling system (water cooling, air cooling, flow rate, oil cooling, electric heating, temperature, etc.)
  • Protect safety devices (hot runners, guide posts, positioning, guides, lifting rings, clamping buttons, operation signs, etc.)


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