Dongguan Plastic Molding Company: Benefits of Plastic Gears

Dec 25, 2020

Dongguan Plastic Molding Company: Importance of Plastic Gears

Despite the use of plastic gear in injection molding, yet its use is limited as it often acts uncertain in response to humidity, temperature, and chemicals. Dongguan plastic molding company is known for producing plastic molding parts using injection molding. The company provides a reliable and experienced service in manufacturing customized plastic.

It now develops a specialty in using plastic gear in plastic production rather than metal gears. The company operates in China under certification of ISO 13485, 9001. It operates under a production unit of 70,000 square feet in size.

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It has 10,250 sq. feet of ISO classified clean rooms. The company holds a total of 19 injection molding machines. The unit is capable of producing 1,500 tons of plastic. However, today after realizing the true potential of plastic gear, the product is in great demand.

This is because of the scientific production of polymer material for molding. Furthermore, material processing and process control make plastic gears superior to metal gears in many applications. Their application spans from industrial to medical usage.

Dongguan plastic molding company

Why Choosing Plastic Gears over Metal Gears

Dongguan plastic molding company offers varieties of plastic gears products to its clients across the world. As plastic gears make the largest commodity in the world of production now. T

he plastic industry making plastic gears is turning the trend upside down. The gears are therefore present in every product of the world. There may hardly be an industry that is not utilizing the benefits of plastic gears.

The gears are used in many shapes and sizes. The reality therefore can be realized by the fact that the production of these gears every year is such a large number that it is impossible to even count. Also, the number of productions is increasing with each passing day.

The world saw a great surge in the demand, in the medical industry, of these gears this year. This happened due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Plastic Gears: More Reliable Than Ever

Dongguan plastic molding company ensures the material qualities and properties of plastic gears. This thus makes plastic gears more durable and reliable than ever before. Plastic gears offer several benefits and advantages in terms of flexibility in design.

The product also offers its ability to operate being a noiseless component. It also takes into account the characteristic of operating without the need for regular lubrication.

Several other benefits include low cost and weight parts, offers greater efficiency and resistance to certain chemicals. These benefits are more promising in plastic gears in comparison to metal gears. The advantages include:

Flexibility in Design

Dongguan plastic molding company offers greater flexibility in designs. This is because plastic gear bears more flexibility than metal gears. Therefore, this flexibility proves to be more advantageous in terms of its affordability.

This means that plastic gears are flexible enough to get any shapes of need. This level of flexibility however is missing or absent in metal gears. Furthermore, other elements of the same functionality often find their place inside these plastic gears. By this, we mean spring and pawls. This helps in the consolidation of the parts as well as helps in reducing the overall cost.

It also reduces weight and complexity. The geometry of plastic gear is more efficient than that of metal. Hence plastic gears are ideal for the creation of complex shapes at the lowest prices. These shapes include internal gears, worm gears, and cluster gears with much less cost than in metals.


Dongguan plastic molding company molds plastic in high volume however at a much lower cost. The cost of production of plastic gears appears to be as less as one-tenth to that of metal gears.

These parts are ready to use molded gears that in comparison to stamped and machined metal parts need no finishing. However, on the other side metal gears need finishing in the last stage. This is called secondary finishing.

The plastic gears usually save 50% to 90% of the cost in the finishing stage. This, therefore, makes plastic gears more economic to produce than metal gears.

Light Weight Gears

Dongguan plastic molding company ensures that lightweight plastic gears. As it is a well-known fact that plastic is much lighter in weight the metal gears. The weight of the plastic gear is less than 20% than metal gears.

However, with this less weight, the plastic even then bears the same amount of strength and power. This, therefore, makes plastic gear much lighter but reliable in weight.

This can be realized scientifically that the specific density of steel metal is 7.85. Whilst the density of plastic in nylon and acetal is close to 1.4.

Noise Reduction Property

Dongguan plastic molding company guarantees noise reduction of plastic gears. This can be realized by the fact that plastic gears run much quieter than metal gears. Well, it all depends upon the application for which the gear is used.

The noise of metal gears is around one or two AGMA numbers higher than plastic gears. The plastic gear is used to deform its teeth that thereby compensate for the noise-producing. This however is missing in metals and metal fails to absorb the impacts.

However, the plastic absorbs the impacts of teeth and thus reduces the noise. This is called the noise dampening property of the plastic. This results in the quieter running of the plastic gear. This thus increases the demand for plastic gear integral for running the material that requires quieter drives. This happens with high tooth shapes along with the use of lubricious and flexible material.

The efficiency of Plastic Gears:

The metal is more prone to friction due to high density, rigidity, and weight. The metal gear bears a high coefficient of friction. However, on the other side, plastic gears are low-weight gears.

This is because the plastic gear carries a low coefficient of friction. This allows less horsepower that allows the waste of heat energy. Split path planetary drives are also a property of plastic gear to lend itself to. This helps the plastic to be efficient in terms of design.

This property for being accurate and efficient becomes achievable only because of the process control mechanism. This allows the plastic to achieve a high level of accuracy with an AGMA quality score of 10.

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Final Thoughts and Limitations of Plastic Gears

As we know that plastic gear is lightweight and efficient. This is the reason it is the most demanded product in comparison to metal gear. However, even with this huge demand, the plastic gears are limited due to uncertainty in their response to certain conditions. This thus makes them perform well in some limitations. The limitations are:

  • Low weight withstanding capacity.
  • Thermal expansion and moisture absorption make gears less stable.
  • High cost for developing the tooth form and initial mold dimensions.
  • Chemicals and materials do react negatively to plastic gears.

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