Our Mold Making Facility:

Mold Making: we have domestic, offshore, and in-house mold making facilities.

Once the prototype is finished, the mold can be designed and quoted. From there, our expertise in mold making will become invaluable. At CHT Mold, there are dozens of skilled experts with more than 20 years of mold manufacturing experience.

As a mold manufacturing process: prototype part design, quotation, DFM, MF, mold design, mold making, trial mold, inspection, mold improvement.

We have all of the equipment necessary to manufacture prototype and production molds in-house.

We have the ability to make molds in our company. Although there are other individual outsourcing, if the company chooses individual outsourcing, customers can know that the mold is handled by CHT professional department from beginning to end. An important part is that CHT takes full responsibility for the entire process. There is no blame between the mold maker and the third party. We are responsible for the entire process, and we eliminate the option to shirk responsibility to others. This means that you will get direct answers and resolved issues without having to act as an arbitrator between two independent companies.

We also provide low-cost overseas molds.

Additionally, we can offer lower-cost overseas molds if that suits the customer’s needs best. We still stand fully behind the quality of the mold and the finished product.

And we offer Mold Maintenance.

Molds (or tools) don’t run flawlessly on their own. One of the most important advantages of CHT is our ability to perform maintenance on molds in our shop. Our company uses on-site tools to maintain and repair molds as needed. This contributes heavily to our ability to keep production at the expected rate. We perform frequent checks on molds before and after use to ensure they are ready to operate impeccably.

Many companies don’t have the capability to provide such a comprehensive start to finish mold making experience.



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