Molded Plastic Pool: Advantages and Disadvantages

Jan 31, 2021

Molded Plastic Pool; A Complete Guide 

The molded plastic pool provides great comfort and accessibility to people who love to swim and spend time splashing out with their friends and family. It is a great option for those who want to have a pool in their backyard but can't have it due to some generic reasons. A concrete pool can have several big problems to deal with including filling up the pool, drainage, safety, etc.

The molded plastic pool is extremely comfortable in terms of Portability as one can place it anywhere inside the house and can take it anywhere as it is lightweight. The pool is wide enough to accommodate entire family members and therefore can make your weekends and family time worthwhile. 

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There are several advantages of having a molded plastic pool and a few cons as well. This article will help you learn the basic features and disadvantages of the molded pool. 

molded plastic pool

Plastic Molded Pool

Everyone dreams of having a big house having a wide lawn and a swimming pool in the vicinity. People enjoy swimming in pools and therefore want to have a pool in their house. But what if you live in a house that has no area to build a swimming pool.

Would you give up your thought of having a pool in your small house? When there are plastic molded pools available in the market, you can still fulfill your interests to have your dream house. These plastic molded pools are different from the ones we have seen kids taking baths in. 

The plastic molded pools are big enough to accommodate your whole family in one pool. The inflatable pools have metal frames and layers of plastic above them. The great thing about the pools is that you can place them above the ground or in-ground. However, the more efforts you'd put in installation or placement the cost expenditure would vary accordingly.

Advantages Of Having A Molded Plastic Pool

One might think why they would need to buy an inflatable pool when there are chances that it can burst out. Here are a few advantages that will help you consider buying the molded plastic pool. 


When there are concrete or fiberglass pools available in the market, why should you choose to buy molded plastic pools? It is highly convenient and easy to install the molded pools in contrast to the concrete ones, as you can place them anywhere without putting much effort into installing them.

These pools are inflatable so you can find a suitable spot in your house to place your pool. Another key feature about the molded pool is the cost-effectiveness due to affordable price ranges. You can get the best, big pool for your entire family within your budget. Therefore, molded pools are great in terms of cost-effectiveness. 


Another great advantage of having a molded pool is the convenience to install it anywhere inside or outside the house. The blow-up pools are easy-to-use and convenient to place. You can place it anywhere in the house when you want to use it.

These pools are better than the conventional durable and lasting concrete pools. One difficulty that pool owners face is to maintain them as a lot of infections can attack the pool. Moreover, it's not easy to clean the Conventional ones.

It becomes easy to maintain the inflatable molded plastic pool as you can pack them up after use and dry them easily. Thus the pool is great in terms of convenience. 


The molded plastic pool provides great accessibility, especially for children. The walls of the pool are not high enough therefore children can easily jump into the pool without any assistance. Moreover, the walls are bendable therefore accessible for both old and young aged people.

Also, the pool is big enough to accommodate the entire family so you can have a great farmhouse-like picnic on weekends at your own house. The height of the pool is also moderate and it is mostly wide therefore the use is convenient and suitable enough to cater to the whole family. 


The world is moving so fast and there have been innovations in every field to provide ease and convenience to humanity. The truth is humans have become completely dependent on advancements and finds great pleasure in availing themselves comfort. Portability is something we look at in every development and therefore, molded plastic pools are another great innovation to provide ease and convenience to you. One can easily fill up and drain the pool. You can dry up the pool and fold it therefore you can place the pool anywhere on your shelf or storeroom. The plastic molded pools are mostly lightweight hence you can take them with you anywhere you go. 

Instant Indulgence

A big conventional pool is not easy to maintain and does not allow instant gratification. If you have just made a plan of splashing out with your family, you can't enjoy the pleasure instantly. It will take hours to fill the pool completely and after waiting for hours you will then get a chance to have a fulfilled weekend.

However, a molded plastic pool allows you to get that instant pleasure as the pool is not that huge and therefore requires less time to get filled up completely. You can use extra pipes and taps to fill the pool. Therefore, once you decide to have a splash party in your house, you don't have to wait for hours and can enjoy partying right at the moment. 

Safety Concerns 

Safety can be a major concern while making a purchase. No matter how big or small the pool is, you need to keep a check on your children whatsoever. Therefore, within complete family assistance, you can consider the pool is safe for children as it is not deep hence fewer chances of drowning.

The walls of the pool are bendable and small heightened, therefore there are no chances of slip and fall. The molded plastic pool fulfills all the safety standards and therefore under adult supervision, it is proven to be a safe source of having fun especially at homes.

Disadvantages Of The Molded Plastic Pool 

Every innovation has its pros and cons. Something that is providing you great convenience and Portability may have several downsides. 


The pool may provide a complete package to provide you with bundles of joy. However, it is not durable and does not last longer than few years if used regularly. There are high chances of tearing and bursting so you would find yourself patching up the holes several times to prevent the pool from leaking out.

The pool is prone to tear and therefore you need to keep stock to patch the holes. Moreover, they do not last long, therefore, requires several replacements. 

Less Flexibility 

The plastic molded pools are not suitable for extreme winter conditions. In extreme cold, you should drain the molded pool completely or it is better to pack it up and place it in the cupboard as the weather can clog the drains and cause inelasticity to plastic material.

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To sum up, the molded plastic pool is ideal for having splash parties at homes. They are extremely portable, flexible, and easy-to-maintain. One can use them at home and can take them anywhere as all they need is an inflating pump to make your experience worthwhile.

There are several advantages that we have discussed in the article. However, every innovation has cons as well. Therefore under proper adult supervision, the pool is great for indoors and outdoors.

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