What are the main stages of plastic injection molding parts prototyping?

May 29, 2021

What does "3D printing" mean?

plastic injection molding parts

Plastic injection molding parts 3D printing brings a lot of opportunities in various industries. They can bring to life the craziest and most original ideas. This applies not only to mass-produced products, but to individual ones. With the help of modern technologies, you do not need to manually make each copy; you can significantly speed up the process. 

Plastic injection molding parts Bring Great Opportunities to Various industries

You can order figurines of your favorite characters from precious metals, create objects of unusual shapes for the interior.

The use of 3D printing is used in many industries, but it is important for jewelry also because it eliminates the costs associated with the loss of precious metals. Any errors associated with gold are too costly.

Benefits of plastic injection molding parts

The use of plastic injection molding parts with 3D printing is a turning point in jewelry, as this approach allows you to optimize production with many advantages:

  1. Thanks to the use of 3D printing services, you can create real works of art, jewelry of a very complex shape, with an abundance of small details. The printing wax layer is up to 16 microns thick.
  2. 3D printing allows you to create prototypes of jewelry, molds for further equipment from wax. Also, this method is suitable for obtaining master models for investment casting.

Methods and stages of prototyping

Before 3D printing a prototype, it is good to create it in a special program on a computer. It is the use of a 3D printer that is the most popular and affordable way to create prototypes. 

 Another way to create a prototype is 3D milling. This method also allows you to create a prototype of any complexity, but it will take more time than using a 3D printer.

The main stages of plastic injection molding parts prototyping include:

  1. Model preparation. To do this, you will need to use special software that allows you to make a 3D model.
  2. Model creation. The main stage of prototyping.

Technology features of plastic injection molding parts

Prototyping and plastic injection molding parts 3D printing of objects is a procedure for creating an object based on special devices. Most often, a 3D printer is used for prototyping, which allows you to print a product quickly and inexpensively. This is due to the minimal use of consumables and the low cost of the raw materials used.

Printing is carried out from the bottom layer, gradually printing all layers. The result will be a volumetric prototype of the future product, on the basis of which it is possible to understand the main mistakes and make adjustments before the product is sent to mass production.

Sphere of using 3D modeling and prototyping

Prototyping of various objects is used in different fields of activity:

  1. Manufacturing a prototype of an object before releasing it into serial production. This will allow you to identify all problems, estimate the size, weight and other characteristics of the product and, if possible, correct the deficiencies even before the product is released into mass production.
  2. Printing layouts for demonstration to the customer or potential clients of future objects. This will make the advertising campaign more visual.
  3. Printing of test samples of products. If it sways individual parts, then they should go up to the main object. Testing a prototype product will allow you to identify any flaws and make adjustments.
  4. Production of objects in different colors and scales in order to choose the best option that will be used in serial production.

Plastic injection molding parts is an ideal solution for Prototyping

Plastic injection molding parts and prototyping is the ideal solution for quickly and cheaply creating a sample of products before launching them into mass production.

 Thanks to high precision and detailing, the finished prototype will be the most visual example of the product. And the shorter print times and affordable manufacturing costs make 3D printing ubiquitous.

Are you looking for a manufacturer of plastic housings for the electrical industry? If the housings are not electrically conductive but need to have an attractive color or finish, plastic housings are excellent. Since plastic is very easy to process, very short production times can be achieved.

We manufacture high quality customer-specific plastic parts

Plastic housings, in particular injection molded housings, offer a multitude of design options. Sophisticated design, low weight and sophisticated optics can be implemented optimally.

Various textures are possible in plastic injection molding parts:

  • Multi-colored details
  • Combination of hard and soft
  • Grit for areas that are easy to touch
  • Marbling effects
  • Cast inserts for threaded bushes

With a wide variety of plastics and processing technologies, your design is practically unlimited.

We manufacture plastic housings according to your ideas, including displays, seals, membrane keypads, battery contacts and control panels - coordinated and assembled.

Have plastic housings milled: when is it worth it?

Expensive casting tools are of lesser value, especially for very specific products that are not too large in quantity. If the batch size of complex housings is around 30 to 40 pieces per month, it makes sense to contact specialists.

 In addition, we can more easily produce complex fits that are very difficult to achieve due to shrinkage and warpage in various casting processes.

The process of plastic injection molding parts usually looks like this:

You send us your ideas or requirements, images and existing 3D product data

plastic injection molding parts 2021

If the project of the case has not yet been developed, we will design your custom plastic case and send you 3D presentations, drafts and technical drawings

After your approval, we will manufacture the plastic housing, including surface treatment and markings

Since the surface of the plastic can be coated and marked, we would be happy to advise you on the right coating and laser marking.

Plastic housing manufacturer: tailor-made solutions

In industry or for fast-moving consumer goods, high demands often take place on housings. Expensive and complex casting tools are less profitable, especially with extremely high quality products in slightly smaller quantities. We are expert in plastic injection molding parts - from design to series production.