Check 7 Qualities before Hiring Plastic Injection Molding Service

May 29, 2021

Plastic Injection Molding Service
Plastic injection molding service
 is a processing technique whereby thermoplastic polymers are melted and injected under high pressure inside a mold. This process takes place in order to produce a finished object or a plastic component. 

We are providing our services in both the production of precision molds and the injection molding of plastic materials for high, medium, low and niche production volumes.

Definition of Injection Molding

It is a forming process that uses molds. Specifically, in the injection molding of plastic materials, thermoplastic polymers heat up. We melt and inject them into a mold. Similarly, here, inside which they cool and harden, taking on the designed shape.

Injection molding is a quite famous technology in variety of industrial sectors. The reason of its popularity is the quick prototyping. It can enhance speed of production to an unbelievable level.

In which way injection molding service works?

The plastic injection molding service process takes into 5 multiple steps. Moreover, during this process technicians and engineers define the specific parameters, based on the type of material used and the product to be obtained:

 1). The plastic comes, in the form of pellets or granules, into the injection molding machine

 2). Moreover, the thermoplastic polymers melt 

3). similarly, the liquid plastic injects into the mold - this step is essential for the success of the plastic injection molding process because the molten material must be evenly distributed inside the mold 

4). We let the mold cool so that the plastic material inside it solidifies 

5). Furthermore, manufacturers use extraction methods for different pieces

What kind of plastic is good for injection molding service?

Plastic injection molding requires different types of thermopolymers and plastic materials which, based on their physicochemical characteristics. We divide them into:

  • amorphous or semi-crystalline (depending on the structure)
  • standard polymers or technopolymers (depending on temperature resistance)

Among the plastics most commonly used for injection molding, we find:

  • PC polycarbonate
  • ABS styrene copolymers
  • Polymethylmethacrylate
  • polyetherimide PEI
  • polyphenylene sulfide PPS
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We have specialization in injection molding for companies working in different production sectors in Europe and around the world. Therefore, in particular, we produce:

  • precision technical products
  • multi-cavity moldssuitable for high production
  • molds for small and niche productions

# 1 Production of molds for small, medium and large volumes

Basically, we design and manufacture our precision molds according to the customer's needs, in order to obtain pieces of great technical complexity, both for large volumes and for the production of a few dozen pieces. 

Similarly, in detail, our mold production service for injection molding plastic materials includes:

  • feasibility analysis
  • co-design (on request)
  • mold design
  • prototypes / pilot molds
  • construction of molds for plastic injection
  • testing and testing 

Our molds for injection plastic molding

There are three main types of molds we produce , all designed on technical drawings according to the customer's needs , the field of application, the material to be used and the production volume:

  • pilot molds for small and / or niche productions (even of a few dozen pieces) in aluminum or tempered steel
  • molds for medium production with 2/4 cavitieswith annual consumption of 50 / 100,000 pieces
  • Moreover, multi-cavity molds for high production

The maintenance of the molds by professional plastic injection molding service

The plastic injection molding service only takes place correctly if the mold is accurate and functioning, i.e. without dents or signs of wear. Therefore, for this reason, at our company we also provide a welding and maintenance service for worn molds ranging from simple cleaning to the reconstruction of entire parts.

Always look for an Authentic and Skilled Plastic injection molding service

In addition to the production of the molds, we also offer a real plastic injection molding service. Similarly, it takes place within the company and which goes from the production of pre-series batches to the creation of the finished product. 

Generally, the technologically advanced machinery we use allows us to offer, in addition to plastic molding, also services of: 

  • silk-screen printing
  • pad printing
  • assembly of components


Plastic is now the most used material in almost every industrial sector for the production of the most disparate objects and components, such as household products, car or airplane parts, instruments for the medical sector, etc.

Plastic Injection Molding Service

After all, plastic is easily malleable - not for nothing, the name derives from the Greek plastikòs. Furthermore, it means suitable for molding - and, for this reason, it is particularly good in injection molding.

The sectors with which we work the most for the plastic injection molding service materials are:

  • medical and orthodontics
  • automotiveand aerospace
  • Moreover, electrical, electromechanicaland electronic
  • housingand gate automation
  • Similarly, lighting technology
  • industrial automation


Basically, plastic injection molding service is a highly versatile technique. Furthermore, it allows meeting almost any need of companies that manufacture plastic products and components both in large volumes and in a few dozen pieces.

Here, in brief, are the advantages of injection molding of plastics:

  • high productivity and speed- this technique, in fact, allows to obtain large quantities of plastic parts in a short time, guaranteeing dimensional repeatability
  • Similarly, possibility of obtaining shapes in disarrayand complex geometries , impossible to obtain otherwise
  • In addition, a very high degree of precision, to obtain which we also resort to the technique of micro injection molding
  • Moreover, reduction of production coststhrough the automation of the entire injection molding process


Our plastic injection molding service deals with the entire production cycle of injection molding of plastic materials. Moreover, it is for the production of thermoplastic items and components. Similarly, we are offering, if required, also services for the design and construction of injection molds.

The company guarantees maximum customization of the products for various industrial sectors. In addition, we are producing small and medium-sized components and responding to the needs of both small batches and large series.