China Plastic Molding: Getting the Color Right with Digital Control

Dec 30, 2020

How to Get the Color Right with Digital Control in China Plastic Molding

In the world of plastic molding, china plastic molding technology is considered extremely reliable for parts production. In masses, it is recognized as the most ideal process for plastic parts manufacturing.  The process involves pouring in plastic material into a heated barren to turn it into a liquefied state. After that, the molten material is directed into the mould cavity where it hardens, cools, and gets the final shape according to the mould.

china plastic molding

There are a number of plastic injection molding companies that are using the china injection molding technology. This technology has so many advantages over other available techniques for which most of the companies take it as a preference.


Here are a few worthwhile benefits and advantages that make china plastic molding a superior plastic molding technology than many others.

  1. Accuracy

Accuracy is the first and the most important advantage that you get with the china plastic injection molding method for molding parts. You can perfectly fabricate all types of plastic parts with china plastic injection molding.

The mould makers can easily make molds with precision, even when there are specific design limitations. Therefore, the end product is accurate and precise, which is why it is recognized as a universally followed mold making method.

  1. It’s Time-Efficient

When it comes to the processing time, then china plastic molding is really fast. This technology is considered fast especially for the long manufacturing.

However, one important factor that determines the process speed is the mould complexity. Generally, every cycle time is approximately 15 to 30 seconds. In short, this technology works faster than the other available plastic injection molding methods.

  1. Low Labor Costs

China injection molding equipment works fast and automatically. Therefore, there is minimal need for labor to supervise the process. Because of this, fewer salaries are required that ultimately results in reduced working costs. So, you can save money by considering china plastic molding method over its counterparts.

  1. Flexibility

China plastic injection molding is a very accurate manufacturing process and there is no doubt about it. In addition to that, it is also really flexible.

You have the freedom to change the types of colors and materials that are used to manufacture a product. Therefore, flexibility is another advantage that comes with this method.

  1. It is Inventive

A rational and experienced product developer will always choose a method that is not only eco-friendly but also minimizes waste. Luckily, the china plastic molding method fulfills both needs.  

This process is quite efficient and resourceful. Once the specific parts are manufactured, the remaining plastic can easily be recycled.

  1. A Perfect Method to Create Solid Components

China plastic molding works brilliantly when the product strength is a priority and components are required to be really solid. At the time of processing, the molders can include fillers to the components. Hence, the molten plastic thickness reduces, but the overall strength of the final part gets improved.

  1. Smooth Final Look

Every product part comes out from the mould that is very near to the finished look. Therefore, the finish of surface is really good right when it comes out from the mold.

  1. Economical

Initial mould creation is expensive. Once the mould is created in extensive volumes, most of the plastic parts would have minimal production cost. So, this method proves very economical in the long run.

  1. Co-Injection Molding

Another benefit of china plastic molding is that you can process more than two plastic types simultaneously.

  1. Used in a Variety of Applications

China plastic molding process is extremely popular among all plastic parts manufacturing processes available across the world. You can easily find hundreds of products around that are manufactured through this process.

  1. More Defined Features

Moulds are subjected to extremely high pressure and because of that plastics within the moulds are hard-pressed. This results in production of defined and clearer components and parts. Therefore, the manufacturing of complicated and complex parts has now become easier than ever before.

Why Choose China Plastic Injection Molding Companies?

Most of the businesses hire overseas plastic injection molding services for their projects. This is because manufacturing tends to flow from the high cost areas to the low cost areas. When it comes to plastic injection molding, then China is the country with highly competitive rates. For the last three decades, the Chinese industry has developed in an unbelievable way.

Today, their plastic molding industry is recognized across the world because of its high quality and cheap rates. For example, Apple Company’s molds for their popular products like the iPhone are manufactured in Shenzhen, China using the same technology. Therefore, it is always the right idea to hire a china plastic molding company to manufacture high-quality plastic parts at cheap rates.

How to Find the Right China Plastic Injection Molder?

There are a number of mold makers working in china manufacturing moulds for their customers. Here, it is imperative to choose a mold maker that exceeds your quality expectations. Finding the right mold maker can be a scary task, but you can make it look simple by following these tips:

Search Online

To quickly find the top plastic injection molding companies in China, you should start your search online. Just Google for the top mold makers in China and you will find so many companies. Shortlist 4-5 companies that are available on the first page of the Google search engine. After shortlisting companies, here are the important questions that you should ask those companies:

  1. Company Location

You may find it a really simple question, but it is important to ask the company where they are located. The location of a company is an important factor in determining service costs. You should also ask them if they are operating at different locations. If a company is operating at more than one location, then it means that it is a well-established company.

  1. Mould Maintenance Program

The product quality mainly depends on the standards and conditions set for manufacturing. To ensure that your mould remains as a top investment, you must ask the company what mould maintenance program they are offering.

  1. The Team

Make sure that the molder has a team of specialized molding experts who can help you throughout the entire production process. Ongoing communication during the completion of the project is important so make sure they have a team of highly efficient ad dedicated professionals.

  1. Portfolio

You need to work with a company that is experienced and have a vast portfolio. Taking a look at their portfolio will help you find out who have they worked with. If they have worked with a lot of customers before you, then the company is most probably the right choice to work with.

By following the above-listed tips ad suggestions, you can choose the best China plastic injection molding company for your project.

china plastic molding