After-sales Service

Our after-sales service is mainly divided into the following four points:

1. Mold installation and debugging

Within 24 hours of the mold reaching your company, Changhong Technology will immediately dispatch relevant after-sales service engineers to the site for installation and commissioning.

2. Customer employee training

After the mold installation and debugging are completed and the acceptance is passed, the after-sales service engineer of Changhong Technology will demonstrate on-site operation, and conduct mold operation, repair, and maintenance training for relevant mold operators.

a. Operation training: master the whole process of mold operation and understand mold principle.

b. Maintenance training: master the working principle of the mold, the structure of the whole machine and accessories, and the general troubleshooting methods.

c. Maintenance training: understand the working principle of the mold, understand the daily maintenance methods of the accessories and the entire mold.

3. Scope of after-sales service

a. One year warranty from the date of delivery. (Except for damage caused by the user)

b. During the warranty period, in case of mold quality problems, Changhong Technology is responsible for free maintenance and replacement of parts, without the customer's responsibility.

c. After the initial installation of the mold, provide mold operation, simple troubleshooting, repair, mold maintenance, and other training, until the teaching is included.

d. Changhong Technology provides lifetime free technical consultation on mold structure.

e. After-sales service call, immediate response service, report processing plan within 30 minutes. Calls that require on-site service will report the handling plan within 45 minutes. Technical personnel will be on site within 48 hours nationwide, or subject to customer requirements.

f. Changhong Technology's technical consultants answer customers' questions about technology and standards and provide technical guidance at any time.

g. Within one year of customers purchasing molds, Changhong Technology will regularly provide intimate customer service quarterly.

4. After-sales service guarantee

a. According to the customer's special requirements, the factory molds are attached to the "Product Manual" (Chinese/English version) provided by Changhong Technology, which is convenient for operators to refer to.

b. The customer's special requirement is that the mold has the label of Changhong Technology, which clearly lists the troubleshooting and after-sales service telephone numbers.

c. Open throughout the year, free after-sale service telephone: +86-755-8978-5568, technicians will conduct regular telephone return visits and technical support (within the warranty period).

d. Technical engineers will return visits from time to time to solve customer problems.